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Strawberry season is among us! What better way to take advantage of the season than going to a local strawberry farm?  Here in Southern Louisiana, that is exactly what we do.  You go to cute little family farms, get as many strawberries as will fill your bucket and eat them as you go. However, if strawberries […]


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Ever wonder what the big deal is about meal planning? Have you tried it a time or two & failed? Does it seem really overwhelming? You may ask yourself is it really necessary?  YES, it is.  You save money on groceries ($200 or less) and you don’t have to fretting at 3:30pm, wondering what you’re going to […]


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Imagine you have long hair and it’s super thick to boot. You’ve got kids running around waiting on you to finish getting ready for the day. You stand in front of the mirror deciding, again, “what am I going to do with my hair today?” The pony tail is getting old & causing more issues than helping, and […]


As of recently, my husband has gotten a new job.  We went from having a crazy schedule due to his work hours (12-9) to having an early morning for a typical 8-5 job.  I thought I could just just jump in and adjust as we went & everything would fall into place.  I am still […]