15-Month-Old Stress?

September 29 · 0 comments

We woke Chance up from his nap because we were about to leave for church. After changing his diaper, I notice what looks like a patch of about 15 bug bites on both of his feet and I point it out to Dakota. We had seen something the previous day on his shoulder, but there was only 3 “bites”. I show a friend of mine while we were sitting in the nursery watching our kids & she suggested hives. At this point I notice that the bites on one foot seemed to have disappeared. After the service, Dakota shows a friend of ours (the “bites” seemed to have moved on his foot again and were slowly disappearing) & he also suggests that it looked like hives. Our friend says he knew someone that got it when they stressed out about something.

Dakota notes that both occurrences happened after he woke up from a nap.

Chance has always been considered a happy baby. What would he be stressing out about? Is it a possible side effect from getting the flu shot Tuesday?

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