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This website was born out of the idea that there were other moms like myself that really needed help navigating the waters of being a mom.  I would talk with my friends and we would talk about life, motherhood, and the things are husbands did.  It was always really nice to have someone who wasn’t going to judge you for making mistakes or being young (especially when you’re not 5 feet tall and shopping in the kids department *cough*)

I really want to be that person for you.  I want to hear your struggles and answer them the wisdom I have. I want to walk you through doing something scary for the first time & rejoice with you when you’ve accomplished it. I want to learn of the ups and downs going on in your life with your children and all the small victories & frustrations in between.  I want to be the (virtual) shoulder to cry on when you don’t think you’re doing a good enough job.  I’ll even give you tips on living with in-laws, because I understand how real the struggle is.

And most of all, I want guide you with and encourage you in the Word of God as you go through all of these trials and tribulations and to pray for you in any area you need it.


I’ve been there and it’s difficult, but I’m here for you.  I believe in YOU! You are enough and you’re stronger than you give yourself credit for. Just breathe Momma. Keep calm & give it God.

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