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For those of you who don’t know, Dakota and I are still in a disagreement about Evelyn’s middle name.  Throughout my pregnancy, she was going to be Evelyn Rose.  We understood names could change after the birth and we held her for the first time, which is what happened with Chance.

On a side note: Dakota said that because I named Chance, he was going to name our second child and he was the one who picked out Evelyn Rose and I really liked it.

So, after the birth, Dakota decided that he didn’t think Rose would work.  It just didn’t fit. Okay… so what would it be?  Well, we couldn’t decide or agree and so we decided to put it off.

Cue the drama from Dakota’s momma.

Things were in an uproar.  We did this, she’s doing that, police, blah, blah, blah. End scene. Glad to get that out my system.

We had visitors one night.  Very good friends of ours.  We were talking about our stay, we still hadn’t decided on a middle name, and venting about what had happened with Dakota’s mom and all the drama she was causing.  As a joke, we started playing around with the word drama.  What it was backwards (amard) and then what it would sound like with out the “D”…  Well, one of our friends informed us that Rama was an actual place in the Bible (Jer. 31:15/Mat. 2:18).  It’s another name for Bethlehem.  Dakota liked it, we could call her Beth for short, and last minute that’s what was written on the papers.

After having done research on the name Rama(h), it’s a Hindu god and yes, in the Bible as peoples’ names.  Also, there is also the fact that her name comes with a reminder of what happened that day and it isn’t a good one.  I have this avoidance mode that comes on when people ask me what her name is.  So I casually say “Evelyn” hoping and praying they don’t ask what her middle name is.

So Dakota and I have hashed out this relatively touchy topic a few times. The result? I named Chance and it’s a name he doesn’t like either, so he named Evelyn and it’s a name I don’t like.  So we have options. If Chance stays Chance, he wants to name Evelyn Thyme so he can say “We have time and chance” (Eccl 9:11) although he likes her current name, Rama. I personally like Grace and would have named Chance Devyn Grace had he been a girl, but I think Rose would be good as well seeing that my daughter has red hair (how that happened? I haven’t a clue).  Looking at her, it looks kind of dark, but when you look at her hair in the light, it’s like a copper-strawberry blonde color.

Anyway. It’s still up in the air and a I’d love for her to have a better middle name.


Please help. Here’s the requirements: One syllable if possible, biblical, and something specific to her (Chance was named so because of the chances we were taking during my labor and birth)

What names did you pick out prior to birth? Did it change after holding them? How did you decide on your little one’s name?

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