Bed Rails & Bacon & The Latest in Life

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I’m in the middle of putting up my phone when I hear what sounds like something rubbing up against the bed rails that are our headboard.  I turn around and Dakota is running his hands up and down the rails.

Me: What are you doing?

Dakota: Trying to open them

Me: Open what?

Dakota: Open the doors

Me: That is the bed rails

Dakota: I know.  They should open the doors.

Me: Okie dokie


*Sigh*  I have been so scarce on this blog.  I’m sure you’ve almost forgot who I am.  Yeah.  I’m still here, I’m just busy chasing Chance and feeding Evelyn.  You can usually find me on the couch in the living room doing one or the other or sometimes both and working on the project.

Oh! The project?  See, my husband has his own business called Hoj Poj Studios.  The business’ current project is building an app for the iPhone. One of our friends had this idea for the app, he told Dakota about it and Dakota jumped right on getting it together.  Another friend of ours happens to know how to code and he offered to help out which is perfect because Dakota knows nothing about coding and this will save a whole lot of time.  How did I get involved?  Well first off, I was there when we heard of this grand idea and second, Dakota is not one to keep track of stuff and stay organized and there is a big need for it.  So, because it’s a mom’s job requirement and my personal specialty, I picked up the job title Executive Assistant. I am also designing/drawing out the flow for this app and contributing ideas 🙂 probably more than necessary 🙂  What is the app going to be and what’s it going to do?  Let’s just say it’s still under construction and will remain confidential until I have permission to give information.  I promise it will be cool though.

HA HA! He did it again!

Dakota: Uh uh

I look over at him

Dakota: uh uh

Me: Uh uh what?

Dakota: You can’t have what you’re eyeing.

Me: What?

Dakota: You can’t have it, what you’re eyeing.

Me: What I’m eyeing?

Dakota: Yeah.

Me: What am I eyeing?

Dakota: That piece of bacon. It’s uncooked and you can’t have it.

Me: Oh. Why bacon?

Dakota: Because it’s uncooked. But it’s okay. You can have it now.

Me: Oh ok.

Sounds like Dakota’s cooking me some bacon 🙂  Man I wish I were in his dreams right now.  Well, it sounds like I am but I want to be eating the bacon that just got done cooking.


Back to real life without bacon to eat…. The kiddos.  Chance is 17 months old and Evelyn will be 2 months tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been two months. Where has time gone?  It’s like just yesterday we were at the hospital with her.  Which reminds me, I need to post her birth story with pictures from the hospital. I’ll get to it one day or another.

Anyways, Chance is learning how to eat food with an eating utensil.  He won’t eat anything except fries (oh how he loves fries) unless he has a spoon or fork in his hand. He also got a hair cut a few weeks ago.  This time, it had to be done.  See, Chance did this thing when he was tired

Sucking his thumb and twirling his hair

and over time, it gave him a bald spot.  Unnoticeable at first until it got bigger and then I thought he was losing his hair because of malnutrition or something.  I didn’t realize he was actually pulling hair out when he twirled it.

the bald spot hidden under long hair

So, yeah the hair cut was needed.  The only issue is now you can see the bald spot from a mile away and if you didn’t know that he pulled it out you would think an inexperienced person cut his hair, which is what happened. I buzzed it off and I’m proud at how well I did for my first time. Fortunately Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the bald spot since the hair cut so you’ll have to use your imagination 🙂

Ah! Evelyn.  So nothing has really changed with her.  She’s still nursing and refuses to take a bottle.  She feeds about 6-8 times a day and once at night.  She is also the most adorable thing when she’s sleeping.

She looks like a baby doll

Here is a relatively recent one.

Who do you think she looks like? 😉

Eventually I’ll have more pictures of her.  We haven’t been taking pictures of her like we did when Chance was her age, so that’ll be something else I work on doing.


Well, signing off for now.  Oh, and since I rarely have the time to write a post, it would probably be a good idea to subscribe so you’ll get notified when I do miraculously get something typed up.

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