Big Step

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Today we are taking a big step as a family; we are getting a puppy. I know, exciting right?

A friend of ours works for this company that had a stray claim that location as home. She has been there for years and has recently had a litter. In the time that she’s had the litter, we also had a pet put to sleep due to health problems. It’s been a few weeks since having a dog and we discovered yesterday the runt of the litter still didn’t have a home.

Dakota talked to Mr. B about it this morning and he agreed we could as long as we took care of it.

We are also using this opportunity to teach Chance responsibility and to give him someone to play with outside instead of him trying to ride the lawn mower.

I’m really excited as this will be our first pet as a family. We haven’t decided on a name and we have yet to meet the puppy. He’s part pit and something else unknown. He’s a golden color like a lab and the runt. His mom’s name is Nala (we are also Lion King fans). Any suggestions for a name?

Anyway, we’re on our way to Kentwood to pick up the puppy. I’m super stoked

Happy Saturday 🙂

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