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June 18 · 0 comments

Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long.  I don’t have too many valid excuses except for the overused “I have a kid” excuse (which is totally covering the actual reason–i.e. negligence).  This past week has been off.  My husband’s grandfather passed away Monday night, so we’ve been dealing with that throughout the week. On a lighter note, we had this fun thing at church Friday night and I found someone to watch Chance so we were able to stay out late with everyone (woot 1 am!).  The person who watched Chance said he was up until 2 am; he was up for almost 12 hours…. INSANITY.

Of course tomorrow is Father’s Day so we’ll be spending time with my family (his dad doesn’t want to do anything–ever). Speaking of Father’s Day, I ordered some Gunnar glasses from ThinkGeek.com for Dakota.  Yes, shamefully I told him what I had gotten him before the package came in.  I almost made it, but I got so excited and I spilled the beans.  However, Dakota has gotten them and has been wearing them…. To be  honest, I’m kind of regretting the fact that I ordered them.  I’m not used to him wearing glasses at all and he’s wearing the Gunnar’s so frequently with their yellow tint, he just doesn’t really look like my husband.  It’s not helping me ease into change (Y’all, I don’t do change very well. I need to agree to it, then prepare myself for it, and slowly work my way into it. It’s a wonder I have survived life.)

Anyway, I have a thought for everyone with a question once I do some explaining.  My husband has ordered podcasting equipment for his website and what-not.  He thoroughly believes I will be podcasting as well.  I think he’s crazy, but part of me believes him which is why I think he’s crazy.  What do y’all think the idea of me podcasting? Is it a far-fetched idea or a realistic possibility?

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