CARS…Vroom Vroom! I’m Doom-Doomed!

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Chance has hit this phase of boyhood where he’s into things with wheels. He loves “bus” (school buses), motorcycles, “bee tuck” (big truck), “choo choo” (trains), & “cars” said with a Boston accent. What he loves even more than real life automobiles? The movies Cars & Cars 2. Chance has a huge fixation them. Seriously, about 10-20 minutes from the time he wakes up until bedtime & he’s on the couch waiting for it to go through the previews, he is asking to “wash cars”. It’s crazy. He even knows how to turn on the blu-ray player & put the disc in as he demonstrated yesterday. See, somehow Chance got mixed up in his time frame because something was said about watching Cars & he went to work. I heard the blu-ray player turned on & so I went to turn it off & discipline Chance for doing so. As I was walking to the blu-ray player to remove the disc, I turned to see him run to the couch, throws his hands in the air, and do this shimmy as he yells “yay!!” I completely cracked up laughing at this kid’s enthusiasm for the movie and all things Cars. He’s got a Cars outfit, he’s got slippers (one is Mater & the other is McQueen), we’ve got the movies, and don’t tell Chance, but I got him Cars bedding set for Christmas. He wears me out with this. All day it’s “No Chance, we’re not going to watch Cars right now. Later. We’ll watch it later. After you eat, get a bath, & brush your teeth, then we’ll watch Cars.” Variations of this phrase are said constantly throughout the day. So, who’s to blame? Well really, me. He would watch it when he went over to his Nana’s and it was sort of a treat since we didn’t allow him to watch TV at our house. I’d go pick him up and Chance would ask for it off and on the rest of the day, but it would be gone then next day or so. Stupid me went to Wal-Mart, saw it and decided I wanted Chance to be able to watch it at our house too…. BIG MISTAKE. He’s been asking for it just about every day since then. There’s been a day it’s been on three times in a row upon request. What’s worse, Mr. B would argue with us because he “used to do that for Dakota, watch the same movies over and over again”. So, now, upon Mr. B’s opinion, we have it as part of our night-time routine. Supper, play, bath, teeth, CARS! Chance will do anything to watch Cars. I mentioned we would watch the movie after he had a bath, so what did Chance do? Headed to the bathroom and stripped himself in about 2o seconds.

This phase does pass right? I asked someone about this and unfortunately I was told this particular person was in his late teens before he grew out of it. Thanks for the hope Mimi. Until then, it’s off to the races with Lightening McQueen & his crew.

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