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Ever wonder what the big deal is about meal planning? Have you tried it a time or two & failed? Does it seem really overwhelming? You may ask yourself is it really necessary?  YES, it is.  You save money on groceries ($200 or less) and you don’t have to fretting at 3:30pm, wondering what you’re going to […]


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I apologize that I didn’t write last week/weekend. Hubby went back to work and we’ve bee in the middle of adjusting to his new schedule.  I never really knew how much I appreciated his previous schedule until we got this one from 12:30pm to 9:30pm. Being “flexible” feels like a massive understatement.  We’ve had to […]


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I shared my meal plan for last week as part of trying to stay more on top of it as a goal for this year. I really hoped it helped someone.  Were any of the recipes I linked to delicious??  What else did you cook?? Of all the supper meals I had planned last week, we […]


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Remember my post from yesterday? Well, here’s me following through with two of my four goals for this year: writing more & being consistent with meal planning. I wasn’t sure about sharing this, but I’d thought it might could help someone.  Here’s my meal plan for this week: Sunday -Breakfast: Breakfast drinks/muffins -Lunch: Out with […]

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