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Strawberry season is among us! What better way to take advantage of the season than going to a local strawberry farm?  Here in Southern Louisiana, that is exactly what we do.  You go to cute little family farms, get as many strawberries as will fill your bucket and eat them as you go. However, if strawberries […]


To be straight-up honest, if you fix each meal exactly as the nutrition guide says, your food will not be very good. At least that’s what I’ve discovered. So here’s how I’ve revamped Meal 4: Protein Pizza Muffin. Normally, this meal requires chicken, but I’m not a fan of chicken on pizza so I substituted […]


Here’s the recipe for sloppy joes, the outcome, and my verdict: FYI, you’ll need to defrost the meat overnight.  I still haven’t learned time frames in figuring out how long it takes certain meats to thaw and how to do it.  However, the ground meat I used was taken out of the freezer to thaw […]

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You will need: Ground Meat (2.5 lbs) Mashed Potatoes (I used 2 pouches of buttered Idahoan instant) Milk (if using the instant mashed potatoes) Butter (if using the instant mashed potatoes) Cheese (I used shredded, but you can used the slices) Salt Pepper Tony’s if you like it Onions or Onion Powder Garlic or Garlic […]