Chance & his sleeping habits

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A little over a month ago, we decided to graduate Chance’s bed from a pack n’ play to a toddler bed. We started looking around, found an awesome deal at A Big Deal Consignment, bought it, brought it home, and began setting it up.


Dakota and Chance putting the bed together

Now, in case you haven’t already made this step with your little one: Warning! You will be loosing sleep and may regret such decision in your current state of exhaustion. No worries though, it does get better. Right now we put Chance to bed roughly around 10:00. We listen for the inevitable creak of his door, the click of Dakota’s bedside lamp, the rustle of sound in our room as he crawls into our bed and tucks himself in there. We get up and send him back to his bed, letting him know he’s going to be in trouble the next time he gets out. Some nights are worse than others but in the end he falls asleep. And that’s when the game begins (well, almost). Each night we go to check on him and make sure he’s asleep, but he’s never where we left him last. We never know where he’ll be or what position he’ll be in when we find him.


One of his first few nights with his toddler bed; notice I said with, not in.


He was right by the door. I had to reach my arm around to get the picture. See also Dakota's foot 🙂


I think this was during his nap one day.


Camping out by the door. I took this shot through the gap in his door.


How I found him when I went to wake him up one morning.


Last night

All this to say I’m now extremely motivated to vacuum the room weekly. Thank you Chance for helping me stay on top of my chores; I appreciate it 🙂

Also with the sleeping habit, he’s decided that 7:50-ish is a good time to wake up and hop in bed with us. Good morning to you too buddy ::faceplant into pillow:: ( _ _ ) ☕ Coffee anyone?

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