Christmas 2012

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These past few weekends have been nothing but Christmas and presents and last-minute gift shopping. Looking back, it doesn’t seem like a lot though when the plans were looming in the future, it was it absolutely stressful. Here’s a little briefing of what we’ve been up to with a bunch of pictures to prove it (that & I don’t want to bore you with minuscule details).


Saturday before last, we spent at my mom’s. Chance got a CARS plate & bowl with silverware… cue toddler freak-out. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a heads up that my mom was going to get him that or I would’ve had my camera ready for the super-stoked face he made when he realized he’d gotten something CARS.


The kids enjoyed opening their presents. I think this is the first time I didn’t have to open a present for Chance. He had the hang of it once I showed him where to start. Evelyn would pitch in by throwing away his paper (or attempting to eat it) or ripping it off herself if he took to long.


Dakota helped Evelyn who was definitely excited to see that there was a toy behind the edible paper. She was just soaking up the fun and happy. I know this may be a bit off topic, but I noticed that when Evelyn’s happy, she seems to radiate it and spread it to others. I don’t know that it’s possible to be upset about something when she’s happy.


Anywho. There was some obnoxious beautiful piano playing going on too. Chance was even sharing his vocal talents with us. Evelyn had a hard time getting enough pressure on the keys to have them make any sound. Chance on the other hand, not so much difficulty. He’d play a few notes and then stop, turn around, start clapping and say “yay!”. He’d turn back around to the piano, rinse & repeat MANY a’ times.

Next up was my Aunt’s

Last Friday, I went to visit Mr. Donor’s sister, my Mimi (their mom), and two cousins. Nothing extravagant, just family coming together to eat & visit & open presents. Food was good & we had chocolate cheesecake for desert. YUMMY!!

Oh, and two funny things happened. One, Evelyn was befriending anyone who would share cake & cookies with her. She didn’t want anything to do with them when we first got there, but as soon as you were willing to give her a bite, she’d go from person to person no questions asked. The other funny thing was that though each of the kids got a gift specific to them, but they ended up playing with the others’ toy instead. So Evelyn was playing with Chance’s tractor and he was playing with Evelyn’s lion toy.

There was some funny bunny business going on too 🙂 He loves this mask and loves the way he looks in it. Ha ha. He’s so adorable.

After that was the kids’ party at my mother-in-laws.

We spent all day Saturday at Dakota’s mom’s. All the little one were accounted for which meant my kids had plenty of kids close to their age to play with. If you want to talk about timing, the kids’ ages are as follows: 3 one-year-olds, my 2-year old, a 4 & 5 year-old, and 8-year-old, & a 10-year old. Wow, right?

Dakota and I went for an awesome ride around the neighborhood on their four-wheeler. First we stayed on the main road for the comfort drive and then came the off-road experience. I giggled like a nervous little girl as Dakota sped through the woods and we bounced around over some bumpy terrain. Scary thrill riding, check!

One day I will have me one of these.


Chance got to drive Pawpaw’s tractor. Talk about one stoked little boy. They waited until all the other families were gone before hopping on. Spoilage, check!

Oh what fun it is to ride in a … John Deere Backhoe tractor, ho!


And of course Evelyn was the youngest & littlest kiddo there so she hung back & chilled. Cuteness factor, check!

Dress at Wal-Mart & I just couldn’t pass it up

The kids & I spent Christmas Eve with my mom’s parents & some cousins. (Dakota had to work unfortunately, so he wasn’t able to make it.)

At this Christmas event, we started doing a gift exchange thing. Everybody brings one gift, you pick a number, & then get a present of choice when it’s your turn. As a female majority family, the odds are (obviously) against the men. Normally when picking out a gift to bring, you don’t really know who’s going to get it so you try getting something gender neutral. Unfortunately a cousin of mine didn’t think about that (or didn’t care) and so when my step-dad picked his present, he got a Hello Kitty clock. Oh My Goodness, that was funny. And nobody would steal his gift for him to be able to get anything else, so he was stuck with it. Ha ha ha ha. Funniest thing ever!

Evelyn opening her presents

Perfect Evelyn size

Chance got a Thomas the Train set and this pretend workbench set 🙂

My kids clocked out on the way home.

We came home & discovered Dakota’s schedule had changed so off we went to Hammond to visit some friends.  We didn’t get home until after 1 AM.  Ugh.  The kids slept all night, no problem 🙂

Christmas Day at our house was simple.

The kids woke up, ate breakfast, and Dakota pulled out a red Radio Flyer wagon for two with their toys piled inside. Now THAT’S the way to do presents! Chance got a wheelbarrow with some gloves, a new old-looking train set, and new old-looking airplane from WW(II I think?) and a new old-fashioned hammer thing. You hammer in all the pegs and then flip it over and do the same thing. Evelyn got, well, honestly, Chance’s stuff and some wand thing that makes the same sound over and over again when pressed, a telephone thing, and a riding toy.



They couldn’t get enough of the awesome.  They played with each other toys, fought over their own toys, and back again.  It was great.  I’m glad we got the wagon too.  I’d been wanting one for them so Dakota and I could go walking with them around the neighborhood.  I was probably more excited about the wagon then they were, I still am.  I can’t wait to take them for a spin in it. Hmm.  If only the weather would stay consistently warm and Dakota wasn’t working wonky hours.

Anyway, I digress.  This Christmas was so crazy, I didn’t even get to watch White Christmas.  I saw bits & pieces of it at my mom’s parents’ house, but this is definitely the first year I haven’t sat down to watch the whole thing.  There also was no silent night (Chance tortured me & I was awake all night until about 7:00 AM) and no cold weather.  It was 74 degrees Christmas Eve & we were under tornado watch all morning Christmas Day.  BOOO!!! Better luck next year?


What did you and your family do this year for Christmas?  Any old/new traditions?

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