Christmas Time

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I know this is early, but I’m feeling the Christmas worry spirit. Well, I guess it really isn’t worry, but more anxiety because there’s a ton of stuff going on.

Last year, I gave everybody the same thing.  Tacky, cheap, but that’s how we were rolling. Here’s what we gave them…

photos by: Lindsay Hill Photography

Which all in all, I think it was a great idea.  However, we now have a new addition to the family and everything has changed.

Last year was massive chaos as far as going to every family Christmas get-together.  Everyone wants to see the kid and we are the chauffeurs, but no one coordinates these events with each other.  Here’s what happened:  My mother wanted us over to do gifts although we were going to see them later that night at her parents house.  However, we went there anyway (she gave us the same gifts as a some other people and I guess she didn’t want them to know).  Then that night, Dakota’s aunt’s family had a big get-together at the same time as my grandparents.  We went to his aunt’s family first while my family was attending a Christmas service.  Once the service was over and we were done opening presents, we rushed over to my grandparents’ house and opened gifts from the youngest to the oldest.

The next day, I think we went to Dakota’s mom’s around noon and then my dad’s later that night.

The big deal about this year?

Well, my mom’s family is doing Christmas Eve a week early because my cousin has to work. Instead of doing presents in chronological order, we’re doing some kind of gift exchange game. The next day is Dakota’s aunt’s family thing and we are to bring a $25 boy/girl gift. Later that week is supper at my mom’s.  Christmas Eve is at my dad’s then Christmas Day will be spent at Dakota”s mom’s.


I enjoy the Christmas season, however I really dislike it at the same time. There’s this “Christmas is around the corner” theme happening in stores and on the radio the day after Halloween making Thanksgiving look really insignificant.  Then there is the anxiety of what to get people for Christmas because HOLY COW WE’RE IN DECEMBER ALREADY!! Christmas finally comes and goes and you’re left exhausted from the holidays and Christmas gifts you either don’t like/need or a pile of useful things that you now have to find a place to put them before July rolls around.  Of course you look back and realize just how quick the holidays were and you’re already back to your normal work week looking forward to the next time you’re off work for a holiday because heck if you had any down time during the last one.

*Sigh* Despite the chaos this year, this year will be our first as a complete family.  I will try and get pictures during this season, but don’t hold your breath seeing as bad as I am about getting things blogged.


What is your family doing this season? What chaos do you have in store?

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