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I’ve never been very good at it & I really don’t have much practice. So far there are only a handful of things I’ve actually committed to & of that handful only one has been a relationship & it’s with the one I said my wedding vows to. It’s quite pathetic actually, but I’m going to try & change that.

Usually, when a situation arises, whether I stumble across a problem or it’s brought to my attention, I immediately want to fix it or help in any way I can without really thinking about it. I start with the best intentions and because I jumped in so quickly, the person or people I was helping don’t fully get the assistance I told them I would provide & I fail them. I get overwhelmed with the situation I get myself in & I start losing focus on the really important things which more often than not get thrown by the wayside. In the end, I’ve failed everyone, including myself.

So in the eye-opening advice from Mr. B: Our (my & Dakota’s) first & foremost priority is the kids, second is taking care of the house, & third is our “play time” (not meant to be an eyebrow waggling play time) or free time to do whatever else. Though with our crazy schedule, there isn’t really much free time – not to say we’re boring or anything

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