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So as of yesterday, my family and I are in a hotel about 30 minutes away from home. No, we are not on vacation (well, I guess you can look at it like that) but we aren’t here on purpose.

To explain a bit, we have a no carbonated drink, no candy (except for cookies) rule. My father-in-law completely does not agree and we’ve had a few battles regarding the no carbonated drink rule as he thinks it’s ridiculous. A few days ago he poured some Fanta Grape into one of Chance’s sippies in an attempt to give him some. Luckily we were in the room when he did it. We asked him not to in which his response was “It’s not gunna hurt him.” We said no again. He knows how we feel about it and, clearly not happy, he huffs but he stops what he’s doing and proceeds to go outside.

Okay, so yesterday he tries again, but with Cream Soda. Again, Dakota is in the room and he asks him not to give it to Chance. However this time, Mr. B pulls the “this-is-my-house-and-I-can-do-what-the-hell-I-want-to” card. So more discussion occurs. Dakota is calm, Mr. B is not so calm. Result? Dakota is mad, he comes to our room where I was nursing Evelyn and tells me to pack our overnight bags. I tried asking him what was going on, what had happened but he was too upset to talk. Got the bags packed, Dakota loaded the car, and off we went.

My honest feelings through the whole ordeal? I could feel my heart racing the whole time while trying to figure out what just happened. Seeing Dakota not happy made me put on a calm front so as to not make the situation worse. I felt a sense of urgency from Dakota to leave ASAP. I also had to help Dakota keep busy with doing something as a distraction, keep Chance out of the way, and try to think of everything we would need for the next day or so.

Also, anytime I pack to go somewhere I have a tendency to forget something. It never fails. So of everything that I remembered, here’s what I forgot: Dakota’s shoes for church and deodorant for both of us. I fail.

Humor in all of this: Chance saw us packing and started grabbing random clothes that don’t fit him and was adding it to our suitcase. I tried to thank him for his help and let him know I had already packed his stuff, but he was going to assist anyway. I so wish I had a picture to show you, but the moment was nothing but dealing with the current issue.

Anyway, we are going through this ordeal. Hopefully this means we’ll be moving out soon.

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