Day 4 of the Room Project

September 16 · 0 comments

Not much exciting news, but the room is so much closer to being finished.  We keep changing our minds about where things should go and we have this little monkey that likes to be the literal center of of the action which slows progress a bit.  I love that Chance can walk around on his own, but he stays where he can see the both of us and when we are both working in a contained space it makes it somewhat distracting.

This is one of the distractions we had while get junk out from under the bed.

Chance playing the keyboard we found 🙂

Okay, for the pictures below, I didn’t do the whole range of the room because certain parts weren’t changed. It may not look like a whole lot got done, but it took a lot of energy to get the my dresser out of Chance’s room and put the small bookshelf in his room.

Yay!! My clothes are finally in my room 🙂


more junk to be cleared eventually


the entrance to the room


We won’t be working on the room tonight because we have something going on at church, but we will use the rest of the weekend to do so.  I also won’t be posting anything this weekend, although I promise to post the results of our vigorous efforts to finish the room on Monday around the usual time.


 Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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