Decisions, decisions

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Before you get too squirmy, I promise this is PG-17 stuff. I’m not aiming to make anyone uncomfortable, just discussing a decision I am currently facing.

Alright, so there are things that married couples enjoy right? Said things occur either to make babies or not. If not trying make babies there are preventative actions being taken. PG-17 right?

Now we got that out the way, here’s what’s up.  I have decided I don’t want anymore children.  GASP! I love the two I have; although neither were planned, we were blessed with one boy & one girl.  One C-section experience & one VBAC experience.  I had planned on getting Paragard (a copper IUD) inserted.  I am aware of the other IUDs and pills and rings.  However, those other IUDs and pills and rings have hormones and side-effects which are based on tests done on the average sized woman (125 lbs).  And being that I am much smaller than the average sized woman, the side-effects would be more extreme and overwhelm my system, and poor Dakota does not need that added to his list of things to endure.  So basically, I can’t have hormones. Paragard is an IUD with no hormones, is safe for nursing moms, and is good up to 10 years. Fits the bill right?

Well, we’ve been having difficulty with our insurance and medicaid and trying to get Paragard paid for (it’s $757 not including the shipping fee and insertion fee which, total, is about $1000). Recently, I had to get a pap smear done. Upon discussion with my midwife, I was informed that getting Paragard inserted was similar to getting a pap smear done except it was much longer and that there would be a clamp on my uterus. Can we say OW?!

So I’ve been doing some thinking. Get Paragard put in for $1000 every 10 years or get my tubes tied? Assuming we continue to enjoy certain things until I’m 60-something, that’s $3000+ until I’m 51 (I’m also not sure if there is a removal fee when the 10 years are up or if it just falls out at that point).  If I choose to get my tubes tied, then I would be covered under our insurance for most of it.

This is the decision I face.  Paragard or tubes?


What do you think?  What is your experience for either choice?

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