Drama-filled Weekend

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(WARNING:  CONTENT BELOW CONTAINS A LOT OF DRAMA.  I AM VENTING.  IF YOU WISH TO HAVE YOUR SANITY, PLEASE DON’T READ, though it will explain the difficulties I unfortunately live with, was once friends with, and call family.)

Can I vent for a bit?  I can? Y’all are great 🙂

Dakota and I have lived with his dad foralmost two years.  Everything has been good except for last month.  He, my father-in-law, has all of a sudden decided to be a bit of a turd.  Dakota and I have some ideas as to why he’s doing this, but we do know that if we don’t find a house soon then we are going to be dealing with a very tense situation between us and him.  Lately my father-in-law has been controlling and complaining about a lot of the stuff we do.  For an example, one day he came home and he talked to me about having a home-cooked meal ready to eat everyday when he came home from work.  Then he sort of laughed it off and add “if you’re okay with that”.  I know I need to expand my repertoire of things I can cook, but to ask that of me is insanity.  Well, if I were to do it everyday, that would mean more dishes…  So, Monday of last week when we had company over, he complained about the dishes.  He suggests that Dakota do them.  In the end, that means all indoor chores are taken care of and all he has to do it come home, eat, feed the animals (which he also wants Dakota to do), and sit in front of the TV for the rest of the night.  Can we say “RUDE” and “NO RESPECT”?

Most recent thing he did?  We had company over this past weekend (part of what Dakota wanted to do for his birthday weekend) and we were going to cook turkey burgers.  Well, his dad was aggravated about us having company over again, he flipped out about the time the guests were coming over because the house wasn’t clean (which is him complaining that I haven’t been doing my job), and he totally took over the menu for that night.  What did we have you ask?  Instead of turkey burgers, seasoned by yours truly and grilled by my husband, we had very dry pork chops with broccoli slaw, green beans, potato salad, and pork & beans all cooked by him.  In most cases I would be okay with him making all of that food (even though I don’t like any of it except the meat and green beans) and us not having to do anything, however, they were our company and it was for Dakota’s birthday.  “Oh, that’s not too bad.”  Okay.  So I had gotten hamburger buns and the turkey meat for what we had planned on cooking on Tuesday.  THAT DAY, he informed us that we shouldn’t keep cooking burgers every time guests came over and that we should do something different (ie the pork chops).  Which leads to him telling me to go shopping for the ingredients for the supper during the other stops we had to make.  Again, “RUDE”.

The next day, I had to deal with someone who was a former friend inadvertently saying that the website you are currently on is not relative to the support group for new moms that I am an on-going member of on Facebook.  Please tell me I’m missing something.  I’m totally confused.  She has also stolen the concept of what Café du Mom was supposed to be, a support forum for young women with children.  She created her own website within a few weeks of me telling her what I had planned on doing.  She announced her website the day after mine was complete and ironically the content was similar to what I had written on my website…  The worst part, is that she is trying to get money out of it too instead of doing it purely to help people.  So hopefully, you understand why we are no longer friends.

The next day after that 🙂 We go over to my mother’s house to have a Fourth of July lunch.  It went really well.  We watched some home videos of when I was little (the hair-dos in the 90’s were so not cool).  We also picked up the “awkward” birthday present my mom refused to bring to his party (it was a child-sized rocking chair).  It wasn’t until my sister mentioned that my grandparents were coming over sometime after lunch that something inside me felt pinched.  See, my mom’s parents have not done anything to come visit me or my family including when I was in the hospital with Chance.  We always have to go to them.  They didn’t show up to Chance’s birthday party “due to their ongoing health conditions”, however, they managed to drive to my mom’s house (which is 10 minutes away from my house and 5 minutes away from where we had Chance’s party) to come over for a visit—just as we were leaving.  To explain, they are in their mid to late 60s, live 15-20 minutes away, and still work out in the yard (they were spotted at Clegg’s, a local plant nursery).  What surprises me the most is that they can’t make anything significant to me, yet my 92-year-old grandmother has made it to both the hospital and the birthday party.  She hasn’t missed anything important.

Whew!  I feel so much better.  I appreciate y’all sticking with it and reading the unfortunate drama that I went through this weekend. Y’all are the greatest.


So, how was your Fourth of July weekend? (Hopefully it was better than mine.) What is some of the drama you deal with in your life?

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