Ending September with FIREworks

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This is a new series sort of. I am going to attempt to take you through the weekend in which my baby girl was born and all the occurrences during that time. Today, I’ll start off with the Friday before I went into labor; also three weeks ago today. I’ll do my best to have a post on Saturday & Sunday to correspond with the events of that weekend. The series will end on Tuesday, which was the day we came home from the hospital. I’m sorry it took me so long to do this, but I hope you don’t hate me for and you enjoy the rawness of everything I’m about to post.

So, three weeks ago today, I was home, pregnant & not feeling good. I had some cold and cough stuff going on. I’m not going to lie, I had planned on being extremely lazy that day. Nothing was supposed to happen, so why not be lazy and enjoy my weekend before having to be induced the coming Monday?

Ha ha ha ha ha. Note to self: What happened last time does not apply to this time. Get this out your thick skull please.

So sometime around early afternoon, I’m laying in bed (I told you I was being lazy) and Mr. B comes to the door to tell me that Dakota’s mom, Mrs. C, called. Her husband, Mr. D, was in the hospital. Something about him catching himself on fire and is now in the ER. I needed to get someone to pick up Chance (she had been watching him the night before and still had him). OMG, not again. My dad was not even home from the hospital a week and someone else is being admitted. Cue the beginning of stress. So I try calling Dakota at work. Of course his phone has been fried for the past few days and so I call his work phone; he’s currently not at his desk. I wait a bit & call again. Nothing. I get a hold of the security/front desk person & she hasn’t seen him. I’m getting a bit worried. I’m also trying to arrange for someone to get Chance, but I need to get in touch with Dakota to figure out how we want to work everything out assuming he wants to go to the hospital. I finally call one of his coworkers to help me track him down. She thinks he’s at lunch because his car is gone, but he should be back soon. GREAT. He finally calls me back about 15 minutes later. I’m on the verge of tears from frustration that I can’t get a hold of him during an emergency and that there is currently an emergency that needs his attention. Dakota at first laughs at me, not knowing why I’m so upset. Once informed, he’s all serious and takes off work to head to the hospital. I’m finally able to arrange for someone to get Chance and bring me to the hospital to meet Dakota.

So the what happened? Mr. D, Dakota’s step-dad, was outside working with gasoline in a cup with no shirt on. The details are a bit sketchy as I’ve heard two different stories, one involving a battery and the other a carburetor; I also don’t know anything about mechanics so none of this really makes sense. Anyway, according to his brother, Mr. D was tossing gas into the carburetor and trying to start it. It backfired somehow, which scared him and he tosses the gas, and somehow he got burned in the process.

It wasn’t as bad as I initially anticipated, it definitely sounds a lot worse than it was, but burns are still serious business. The damage? There were very few second degree burns, blisters on his side and elbow, and some first degree burns. Most of the damage is around his right side and the underside of his right arm, but he was going to be able to go home that day after he was wrapped. He would have an appointment with the burn unit Monday. The doctor was about to come in to wrap him up, everything seemed okay and we were no longer needed, so we left Dakota’s parents in the old trauma section of the ER and headed off to go pick up Chance.

PLEASE NOTE: This was the last communication we had with Dakota’s mom and step-dad before the baby was born, so please keep that in mind as I relate the rest of that weekend with you through the next few posts.

That night, I’m in the tub after a short burst of stress trying to relax. I start thinking about babies and whatnot. My mind wandered to a conversation I’d had with a friend while my dad was in surgery. I remember her saying that when there is stress going on, sometimes the body will instinctively go into protection mode and delay it’s natural timing with labor as an way of taking care of the baby. I dwell on that for a bit. What is going on in my life that would prevent Evelyn from “showing up”. Then LIGHT BULB! I realized that I had told Dakota a few days prior that I hadn’t packed for the hospital yet. When he asked me why, I told him that I felt like it made it too official. Of course this was during the week after my dad had a heart attack and had to have a double bypass. Things had calmed down, but it seemed like all eyes were on me and everyone was waiting for me to have a baby. I was a little stressed by that thought which made me feel like I wasn’t ready so I procrastinated packing our bags.

Well, I got my tush out the tub and I got packing as soon as I could. I packed while everyone slept, racking my brain for anything & everything I might need. Some stuff was in Chance’s room so I’d get that later. I finally called it quits a little after 1:00 in the morning thinking I’ll just finish it Saturday. Ha ha, YEAH RIGHT.

To be continued…. 🙂

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