Extreme Makeover: Bedroom/Baby Room Edition, Day 1

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We are currently involved in a massive project (Dakota may not realize just how massive).  Since the previous plans of house rearrangement didn’t work out, or more accurately never left the brain, we are trying to redo our room (yet again) to accommodate.  I have big hopes for the room.  I believe I will feel so much more at ease once I have made my mark in the house and I have a space to call my own.  I will be able to look around the room from my spot on the bed and smile, knowing that was my idea and it looks great.

So, without further ado, here’s the project we have doomed consumed ourselves with.


  • A place to relax without feeling trapped or cooped up because every other room in the house isn’t available or is too exposed (if that makes sense)
  • Make the room less chaotic despite the fact that we are adding another baby to the mix
  • The room to feel like a get-away home away from home.
  • Incorporate a beach theme (I find that as my go-to place for a little R & R when I need it)
  • Eliminate clutter by having less surface area to put stuff on (although you may think this a great idea, once you see the current pictures of our room below, I’m pretty sure you will be convinced we are hopeless)



via thenest.com

I like the way it almost looks like a hotel room (sort of) with the lights mounted on the wall and the colors being used

via thenest.com

 I like the concept of the bed being at an angle, so I’ll be playing with that idea



We started on the room last night and I didn’t think to make a post about this project until this morning, so the pictures aren’t quite accurate.

What you see from the doorway, used to have entertainment center where the door is


Corner on the other side of door


Moving counterclockwise, behind the closed door is Chance's room/big walk-in closet


My side of the bed/room




doorway/Dakota's side of the bed

Yes, this is a big project.  I have a lot of work to do.  It may seem like a lot of stuff is cluttering the room, however, that’s only some of it 🙂  The rest is on the couch in the living room and on the dining room table.


Wish us luck as we continue on the project tonight.  Stay tuned for the results in tomorrow’s post!  🙂

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