Facts for Friday: Making Sense of Scents

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My daughter Evelyn is a momma’s girl. She needs me for everything, even to sleep. She latches on as if to feed & her eye lids start to get heavy. It’s like she’s narcoleptic which can be frustrating when your staring at your food & it’s getting cold. (This would be a great time to have heat vision or something so you can keep your food warm while nursing.) Anyway, this happens to me frequently, as in daily. I didn’t understand why I was having this problem. You would think if she was so hungry she would stay awake until her belly was full.

Fact #1: Milk makes a baby crazy. It’s the reason he/she is calm when anyone but you is holding him/her. You are the food source and they smell it.

Now to boggle your mind with babies & nursing. This next statement is also true, but doesn’t make any sense while making perfect sense. Make sense? 🙂

Fact #2: Babies find the smell of mom (not the smell of milk) relaxing. Yeah. I’ve found this out through my step-mom and have tried it. Verdict? SUCCESS! However, I’ve noticed it works when it’s sleep time for them. If you doing while they are nursing & they’re not done yet, then it make work for a few minutes. Grumbling belly beats sleep every time.

So if you’re having a problem getting them to go to sleep at night, here’s a suggestion. Lay down in bed & nurse your baby. If you don’t know how to do that then sitting in a recliner or on a couch is fine too. Wrap yourself, lay on, or cover yourself with one of his or her blankets to put your scent on it while you nurse. When they are asleep, wait 10-20 minutes for them to be asleep enough to be moved. Wrap them with the blanket your been laying or sitting on. Lay them in their bed, making sure to put the blanket as close to their nose as possible. You can also put your breast pad near his or her nose.

Hope that helps.

Any other suggestions to get a baby to sleep?

Don’t hestitate to comment about your results, even if it didn’t work. I’d love feedback 🙂

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