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Yeah, don’t judge.  We were really overdue for one, but couldn’t ever figure out the best time.  Boy was it needed!  Monday, after a situation presented itself, we decided we needed a change of scenery. It was extremely short notice.  While I packed, we decided on a location and within two hours we were ready to hit the road.  It rained most of the drive there.  I honestly thought, the whole trip was going to be a waste due to the weather.  I mean seriously, what fun is the beach when it’s raining? Thank you Jesus, that while it wasn’t perfect weather, it didn’t rain and the sun was out enough for it to feel good.


It was really nice to spend time with just us.  I feel a lot of the time we’re busy taking care of things around us, that true “family time” doesn’t really happen as often.  It made my heart smile to see these three together.  I had no worry of chores to be done.  Nothing or no one to interrupt the moment.  I could just sit and smile and laugh a hearty laugh.


Sister squealed like it was her first time near the Gulf.  She would run up to the water’s edge and then run away as it chased after her feet. Pure delight it was for her.  She was ready for her turn to bump into the waves with Daddy, she helped in his building project, she would hand me just about every seashell she could find.  Don’t tell her I chucked a few of them back into the water, she wouldn’t be very happy with me.

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Brother had his fun too.  He loved being in the water.  I got a video of him describing what happened while he and Daddy were doing the bump with the waves.  He did this funny tuck and roll move while he talked with his hands.  It was very entertaining and he was super into it. He also was fascinated with the seashells and was trying to collect interesting pieces, some that matched and some that were really different. But he truly found his focus when he realized the beach was a huge piece of paper and his finger the pencil.

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And of course to complete the beach experience at least one person had to be buried.  So they all decided to get in on it :oP  Apparently Daddy and Sister had a trade off, you bury me and I’ll bury you kind of thing. Oh what fun to get sand in all your nooks and crannies.  I’m kind of glad on this particular occasion that I managed to forget to pack a few things of mine which limited me from getting too wet.  I’m pretty sure they would’ve batted those eyes as me as they pleaded with me to do it too.  I’m also sure due to the happiness I was experiencing with them I wouldn’t have denied them either.


Tip for later: it may be beneficial to stay at a hotel (or near a hotel) that has a shower/spigot on the beach for rinsing. However, if too inconvenient or not entirely possible, rinse as thoroughly as one possibly can in the ocean BEFORE getting into your vehicle and discovering yet more sand. Just saying.

What fun did you have this week?



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