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Huzzah! My first giveaway & I’m super excited, aren’t you?

Alright, first things first. I posted about the awesomeness of the Baby K’tan and did a pictorial 🙂 You should check it out.

In my previous K’tan post I had mentioned that I had searched & tried other carriers. I’d like to show you that although the K’tan is the perfect fit for me, there were pros (and cons) to the others I had.

#1: First carrier I ever had was an Eddie Bauer baby carrier.


the space between me & the back support of the carrier

PROS: The carrier was easy to get on and adjust. I didn’t need anyone’s assistance which was a plus. There were only two buckles to snap & they were on the same side of the carrier which made it quick and efficient. There is a flap which can be folded down & buckled if the baby is forward-facing or leave it up & buckle it for head support if the baby is facing you. In the above photo, I have the flap folded down. Also, it has great support though your shoulders might would hurt if you wore the baby too long.

CONS: I remember not being comfortable with having Chance in it. My kids were born average height & weight, but they grow in smaller increments compared to everyone else, it’s just their DNA. So typically, Chance was tiny and I didn’t feel like the carrier was snug enough against him to keep him from wobbling around, though the carrier was never physically uncomfortable for me.

DISCLAIMER: Chance was an only child for 15 months, so he was held–A LOT and there wasn’t much need for a baby carrier other than his carseat when we went places.

**They don’t seem to sell this particular carrier anymore, so I’m not sure where you would find more information about it.

#2: I had an Infantino Slash Mei Tai Carrier

Very sophisticated look

Image via

INFO: 3 ways to wear baby: forward facing, facing you, or on the hip. Weight range is 8-36 lbs.

PROS: The instructions were step-by-step as you got to each part. I loved that. I also really liked the design of the carrier and the fact that there were no snaps or buckles and it was one piece.

CONS: I needed assistance getting it on, which really didn’t work for me. It wasn’t too hard to get on, but you needed to have someone hold the baby in place so that way you could get a snug fit. It looked complicated from an observers point of view with all the sashes hanging as you’re getting ready to put it on.

USE: I only ever used it when Mr. DNA donor (aka my biological father) was in ICU after he’d had his heart attack. Babies weren’t allowed and so Dakota & I had to take turns wearing Chance for the visitations.

DISCLAIMER: I was also 9 months pregnant with Evelyn and Chance was walking at that point in time so again there wasn’t much need of a carrier, not that I really could carry anything other than the overdue bun in the oven.

**You can buy it from Infantino for $34.99 here or if you want to get more information.

#3: The last carrier I remember having was a Seven Slings carrier.

Mine was red with a Hawaiian print

Mine was red with a Hawaiian print

Image via

INFO: 3 ways to wear (stages): cradle carry-above (0-4 months), front carry (2-8 months), & hip carry (6+ months); the weight range is 8 lbs to 35 lbs.

PROS: I was able to get Evelyn in it by myself quite easily and I was able to nurse her as well. The designs are not typical. They are very pretty, unique, and stand out nicely.

CONS: With the particular patterns, it’s very easy to get caught up in color coordinating your outfit around the colors of the sling. Then you’ll want to buy others and well, to me it’s not worth it. As I mentioned before, my kids are tiny. I liked the idea, but I just didn’t feel comfortable in this one. I also believe I had the wrong size because she didn’t fit snug and I had to keep my arm under her to make me feel like she was stable in it.

USES: I used it to nurse Evelyn when we had company over & to carry her around on occasion.

**You can buy this carrier from the Seven Slings website for $39.95 here, though normally they are $48.00.

#4: My current carrier is the Baby K’tan carrier

Baby K’tan in Natural Organic

INFO: 6 ways to wear baby: Kangaroo, Hug, Adventure, Explore, Hip, & Two-hip (each link is to their tutorial for that position); Weight range is 8-35 lbs.

PROS: Great back support. There is 6 ways to wear baby in all stages! The colors of the K’tans are simple and work with just about everything in your closet. It is easy to put on myself and Evelyn hasn’t complained yet 🙂

CONS: There are 2 pieces to keep up with… Dakota has asked about getting one as well.

USES: I used it at A Big Deal Consignment to vacuum and clean the store, I wore it at the Christmas parade so that I could have both hands available for Chance, and I wore it to the caroling event at a local assistant living home with a church group last week.

I’m quite eager and excited to show off my new carrier. I’ve had many people stare as I put it on & some have asked about it, and a lady from the assisted living home told me she wished she had something like the K’tan when she was raising her 4 (!!) boys.

Stop talking and give me the K’tan already!!

Baby K'tan Baby Carrier Logo

The Baby K’tan Baby Carriers retail at $49.95, but because Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is generously sponsoring this giveaway, one lucky reader will get it for free!

Giveaway Question: What color K’tan would you like?

Prize: 1 original Baby K’tan Baby Carrier in your choice of color and size

Colors: Basic black, Warm cocoa, Sage green, Heather gray and Eggplant

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You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Head on over to Baby K’tan’s website & respond to the giveaway question in a comment.

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This giveaway is open to US residents. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to respond; otherwise, a new winner will be selected.

Winner will be announced on December 24, 2012. Good luck!

ftc stuff: I purchased my Baby K’tan with my own money from A Big Deal Consignment. Baby K’tan is graciously providing the carrier for this giveaway. No cash money or illicit favors were exchanged for the sponsorship.

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Brittany December 20, 2012 at 9:38 am

lol I love the disclaimer. no cash or illicit favors, lmbo!


Brittany December 20, 2012 at 3:33 pm
Randi S December 20, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Great giveaway…I think I’d go with eggplant! 🙂


domestic diva December 20, 2012 at 8:50 pm

I like warm cocoa.


Ginger G. December 21, 2012 at 12:56 pm

OMGosh this is awesome!!!! I’d like the heather gray, not sure if I would need an xs or small?


Ginger G. December 21, 2012 at 1:00 pm

followed you on twitter (gingergisi) and tweeted!


Jacqueline Cooley December 22, 2012 at 10:07 am

Great giveaway! The basic black carrier would work best for me! I’ll be crossing my fingers 🙂



rebecca williams December 25, 2012 at 1:09 pm

I’d like the Eggplant color! thanks for the chance to win…I’m due with a little girl in 4 weeks!


rebecca williams December 25, 2012 at 1:15 pm
rebecca williams December 25, 2012 at 1:17 pm
following cafe du mom on facebook: rebeccaw2005


baby sling pouch January 4, 2013 at 7:39 pm

Unfortunately,I didn’t get a chance to join this contest. Hopefully,next time I can. Congratulations to the winner!


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