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Have you ever had an event challenge the way you did something? I was in this position regarding our homeschool and a spur of the moment vacation. I hadn’t planned an “off week” for school since we were a little behind and we had our vacation coming up.  What was I going to do? I had to figure out how to homeschool the kids while on vacation.

I had two challenges. The first was how to make the kids work more mobile. The second was how to tote our materials. After a little research, a dash of creative thinking, and lots of simplifying, I managed to find a very awesome solution.

While keeping it simple is key, choosing a structured system that makes you smile really helps.  I choose my favorite, colors. I assigned each child a color based on gender. Sister’s stuff is green and Brother’s is blue. It is simple & fortunately colors they already like. Win-win!

Now, how to make all their work mobile is the first challenge.  I came across this awesome idea from Kristy Clover at She uses this very ingenious crate system for organizing the workpages for each child, each week, for the entire year. As she mentions in her video, adding the already prepared work to a clipboard creates the mobility needed for homeschooling on the go.  With that said, I have a clipboard for each of them. I would recommend something like this or this.  These clipboards serve a dual purpose. It keeps all their workpages together and it gives them something hard to write on for location flexibility (car, table, couch, bed, etc).

For the second challenge, I wanted to avoid having school stuff everywhere or in one large & inconvenient tote. I allowed them to pick out their own booksacks and it would be used to contain everything they need.  In their booksacks are their daily calendar binders, crayons, a notebook, a coloring book. For Sister, I put in extra workbooks to keep her busy while I finish school with Brother. Now, if some quick emergency or something comes up, all I need to do to add those items to their bag & boom it’s done.

homeschool booksack

Back to front: Daily Calendar Binder, clipboard with the week’s work, notebook, coloring book, & our read aloud

Next, I have my own clipboard.  It holds their attendance sheet (I use this one or you can use this one), the lesson plans for the week, and any other important papers I might need.

all the assignments for the week

all the assignments for the week

Lastly, I pack all the teacher books in my booksack, loaded with any extra materials needed for the different subjects.  For example, each Math-U-See lesson has a short explanatory video that the kids watch. Brother’s Social Studies has a few poster cards to be used with certain lessons.  And of course I pack a few extra activities to make things fun & change things up a bit.

Voila! Homeschool packed within a matter of minutes.  My conclusion?  It’s totally do-able and quite a success!  I am definitely more confident and ready to do it again as needed. Though hopefully, I plan better and add in an “off week” for vacation so we can enjoy it fully.


Have you ever homeschooled away from home?  How’d it go?

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