I have a 14 year old for a 14 month old

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Yesterday, I was sitting at the island in the kitchen while Chance was playing on the floor next to me.  He did something and I looked down at him.  Oh, those blue eyes looking back at me and that smile.

I’m thinking to myself he’s so cute.

He stands up and tries to turn my chair so that he can get closer to me to be picked up.

Oh alright, there’s nothing up here for you to destroy.  I like cuddling with you anyway, just don’t be squirmy.

I lift him up and he goes for the leftover mac & cheese.  He’s stabbing at the noodles with my fork and awkwardly maneuvering it into his mouth (one of his new tricks he learned over the weekend, Youtube video coming soon).

He’s such a big boy.  I’m glad he’s figuring out how to do this.

Chance proceeds to show me he wants to turn around, so I oblige, and he does the most wonderful thing.  He lays his head on my shoulder, wrapping both arms around my neck and twirling my ponytail with his hand.

Aw, I love you too! You’re so wonderful.  I’m glad I’m your mommy.

He starts getting tangled in my hair so I move it and he moves his arm to his side as he continues to lay on me.


The moment can’t last too long though.  Chance perks up and starts squirming and reaching out for everything he can get his hands on.  The moment we had engraved in my mind, but the current emotion behind it fading as he has seemed to move on.  He continues to squirm so I put him down.  Shame.  On  Me.

It was like the end of the world.  He sat down on the floor crying, alternating between showing me how upset he is and bending to be dramatic about it.  His bending thing is where both heels are on the floor and he bends to where his head touches the floor as well.  Of course I was still thinking on the previous cuddle moment and went to pick him up.

He wasn’t going to have that.  He scoot back and turned his back to me and cried to the floor some more and looking over his shoulder at me.

As I’m watching all this, I play back the previous 5 minutes and I’m thinking either it’s his time of the month or I have a teenager for a son.

He went from cuddle-buddy to I can’t believe you did that to me in such a short time.

Slight afterthought.  He’s not even two yet and I’m pregnant with a girl…

Somebody hold me.

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