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Not a whole lot is going on these days. Things are kind of slow and uneventful, or maybe that’s just because I’m sick with an upper respiratory infection.

Anyways. I have questions about the kids. They are both healthy, so no worries. I’m just wondering about these things as I don’t know what to do about them.

So starting with Evelyn. She is a little over 3 months old (man, where has time gone?). She’s cooing and hollering, she’s growing and eating great. She’s also doing this rocking thing while being held in a sitting position. She is either rocking or throwing herself back and forth. It’s not hurting her I don’t think, but it’s weird and kind of awkward. It’s slightly violent sometimes, and by violent I mean she goes a little faster and it hurts us a bit when we get hit. Which leads to my first question…

Q: Does your child rock themselves or throw themselves back and forth when sitting in your lap? Why are they doing it and how do you stop it or fix it/adjust to it?

As far as everything with Chance, he is still being active and driving me crazy. He’s a very determined child to some extent and most days I think “NO!” is the only word said to him with an occasional “Get down!” or “Put that back”, at least until Dakota gets home from work. I want to be somewhat close with him, but between constantly getting on to him I can’t seem to make myself click with his personality. It really takes Dakota being home and playing with him for me to see his fun side. Even then I’m not to quick to join in on the laughs.

Q: Anyone as a stay-at-home mom have this issue?

I feel like part of it is that I have a younger and needier baby to take care of. I feel like he’s acting out because he sees that I’m busy with her instead of him. Although I do try one-on-one time with him, they are on the same schedule sort of and it doesn’t work out (usually because once I get her asleep he either talks loudly or he starts banging on his toys and he wakes her up, Which leads me to having to get her and thus ends our one-on-one time).

Chance is also at the age where we are trying to teach him to brush his teeth. Right now we aren’t having any luck with it as he is simply sucking the water off the toothbrush.

Q: How old were they when you started to teach them? How did you get your kids to start brushing their teeth? How long did it take? Anyone going through this experience?

I appreciate any and all feedback and advice. Leave some a comment on this page so others can use your advice as well 🙂

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