In my absence

October 15 · 0 comments

Hey all! I do appologize for my lengthy absence and I hope to resume posting starting Monday. However, during these past two weeks:

•I finally had the baby

•Had some crazy momma drama with Dakota’s mom of all people

•I was visited by friends

•Went to visit friends and family to show off the baby

•Doing my best to get used to two children with Dakota’s assistence

•And somehow manage to function during the day on very little sleep.

Coming soon is Evelyn’s birth story, the drama we experienced with Dakota’s mom, the story behind Evelyn’s full name, and my honest reactions to nursing the newborn and dealing with Chance’s massive badness (yes, that darling angel has a dark side).

Stay tuned and check out my other posts while I get my marbles collected and get these posts written.

Quick poll: Of your birth(s), who had C-sections, VBACs, & C(cesaerean)BACs?

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