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These days we are in between stages of life, transitioning & growing & changing. I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit overwhelming & usually chaotic. My day is often a blur of stop & go activities. I’m excited about all of it but it’s just happening a lot slower than I’d like. I like setting my mind on something & then diving straight in until completion, it’s focused work & it’s extremely rewarding. However, with kids & chores & errands & church functions & fellowship, I get just enough done to taste the sweetness of a job well done, but not enough to easily walk away from it. See definition: SINGLE-MINDED

Here’s a small glimpse into this time into our lives:

PHASE 1: I am currently working on updating our homeschool space. We were schooling in the kitchen but it’s just not working. I am in there making breakfast, then we eat, then the kids stay put for an extended period of time, then next thing you know, it’s lunch time, they stay put again to eat. Then there is little to no play time/down time for anyone. It’s miserable for all of us. A week or so ago I came across a blog called Not Consumed. The author is a full-time work-at-home homeschooling single mom of four kiddos. Respected & inspired right then & there. While browsing through her blog, I found an article about her homeschool set-upHmm… She uses an Ikea bookcase/shelving system that stands next to their large dining room table. Could it be that simple? Read, read, scroll, read, scroll… ABSOLUTELY. Now how could I incorporate this in our home? Thus Project Homeschool Room was born with lots of research & Pinteresting & headaches from constant broken focus (anyone else have this issue?). I’ve been working on the table on & off since I read that article & needless to say I am not done nor am I anywhere near it. See?


Long ways to go. I’m working on a daily calendar board which was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. Oh, & the stuff behind the table is to be removed very soon :o)

PHASE 2: I’ve got my garden up and growing. The garden itself doesn’t require much of my attention. Sadly it’s my love of planning & prepping & documenting & organizing that’s taking up time. I use the Numbers app (with a little encouragement from the hubby) on my iPad in conjunction with The Farmer’s Almanac to manage all of it. The almanac lets me know when to plant top or bottom crop for each month, I pick an available time & plan for that day to plant x,y, z seeds. I record it in Numbers & then mark the estimated harvesting date according to the seed packets. I know it probably doesn’t sound very complicated or time consuming, but it took me a few days back to back to set up this recording system. I reconfigured it at least three times before I finally found a system that worked smoothly & then had to replicate it 5 other times because I am meticulously organized that way. Check it out:

IMG_1023-0.PNGIt is meticulous, no? Also, if you are trying to decipher my chart: P=planted with the number being the day it was planted, G=growing, & H=harvest with the date being the day it was or will be harvested. Also, gardening has become somewhat of a family hobby.  There is a learning process for everyone & it manages to get everyone involved in some way ;o)

PHASE 3: House hunting. It’s an on-going occurrence of research, Q & A, late afternoon drives, crunching numbers, more research, & using all my will power to NOT PLAN A SINGLE THING which, I’ll have you know, is just as exhausting as planning something, but much less enjoyable.  We will be looking at two houses this weekend & Lord willing we’ll fall in love with one of them & get to live in it.

PHASE 4: Well, hopefully it’s not a phase but an awesome lifestyle transformation. I’m working on being better for myself & my family. Such things include getting up earlier to have my quiet time & start some chores, teaching myself to freezer cook & practice large family cooking, & create healthier (affordable) meal plans for each once a month grocery trip, & working with the kids to start doing chores to help me maintain the house. I know I probably sound crazy or like I’ve lost my mind though I should warn you I’m perfectly sane…-ish. Giggle. Anyway, such need has arisen in our journey & being the researcher I am, I have found a blog that walks the road already. The blog is called Free Homeschool Deals & though the front of the website is aptly matching it’s title, there is an awesome momma of 7 who vlogs (video blogs) & writes about her family’s daily life to help & inspire anyone who would benefit, such as myself. Watching her has made me reflect on our situation & stir up what God & I already knew: As the momma, I am the key to the change my family needs. So it’s happening, little by little with the help of the Lord.

So with all that said, that’s where we are & where we’re headed. If you have any questions or comments or suggestions, please let me know in the comment box below or you can email me at cafe du mom @ gmail dot com.  Where are you at in your phases of life?

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Sandy April 16, 2015 at 1:20 pm

I’m wondering where / when the next California trip fits in these busy equations!!


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