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Current update for Baby #2:

Her name is still Evelyn Rose, but a friend mentioned Alayna and so now that one is being tossed around.  I really like the name Grace for a middle name, but Dakota has decided that since I named Chance, he’s naming this one and, so far, Evelyn Rose is what he’s chosen (yes, he came up with it).

As far as weight gain, I reached 20 lbs at my appointment Wednesday.  I had gained 20 lbs with Chance and so I made it a priority to gain at least that for this one.  More than likely I will gain more seeing that I still have 20 days left (3 weeks makes it sound further away right?) until her “due date” (YIKES!!).  So doing the math here, I am officially 37 weeks pregnant which means I am full term and Evelyn can safely make her debut whenever she decides. Although I’m excited to meet her and see what she looks like, I don’t want her here yet because the house is soooooo not ready.  Well I say house, but we all know that I can’t change the house seeing that it’s my father-in-law’s and he doesn’t allow for much change.  The room in which the three of us sleep currently does not accommodate a place for a newborn to sleep.  For me, it’s a bit frustrating especially when she could be here ANY DAY NOW.  I know it will be done, but we haven’t made any progress yet and things keep coming up which makes preparing the room take the back seat thereby making me more anxious and antsy.

What about clothes and toys and bottles and blah, blah, blah.  Just about everything else baby-girl related is not a concern.  Clothes may be, but she’s taken care of for the first month or two with onesies and blankets.  If anyone wants to give me clothes, please be aware I not a big fan of pink. I wear it on occasion, but it’s not what I would choose to put on every day of the week and so the same concept goes for my little girl. I understand most girl clothes are pink, just please be sparing with it.  Purple and green and white and yellow and red are all great colors too 🙂

Oh, before I forget, here’s the belly picture for this significant milestone in my pregnancy.

37 weeks and growing 🙂

I had Dakota take a picture, but I didn’t like everyone seeing how messy the house is (mostly due to the fact that I can’t change it) so I did it myself in the bathroom which sadly is cleaner.

Moving on to Baby #1:

Chance is busy growing teeth and getting injured these days.  Dakota and I had noticed Chance getting a little sick, but we didn’t think much of it because kids get sick and its getting close to that time of year.  However, Monday night, Dakota noticed that Chance had cut a tooth in his top gum which explains the sickness and why he woke up crying at 1:00am last week and this week. Then sometime Wednesday, I noticed Chance also has like three teeth working their way up on his bottom gum.  It’s like they all agreed on a schedule so each tooth gets to be the star for a bit before the next comes in.  I feel bad that he’s going through that, but I’m glad he’s finally getting teeth.

So on top of getting pain in his mouth, he’s getting it other places too.  Chance has this thing with exploring and going in and under places.  He’ll leave you thinking “How in the world did you do that?”  His most recent incident was when he crawled under the nightstand by the front door.  He was able to get under it, but he got stuck and got scratches on his back from it.

see what I mean?

So yes, it was funny because it wasn’t a place I expected him to crawl under but I did feel bad for laughing when I saw the scratches (which aren’t bad at all, but they are there).  I promise I’m not a mean mom though.

His current bad phase is throwing fits when feeding him.  He’s in this weird in-between stage of not eating his own kind of food and eating what we eat, but he won’t eat the healthy stuff I give him.  I’m not feeding him organic anything, but I tried feeding him Gerber’s finger food apple pieces and he threw a fit.  He ended up eating Ritz crackers and his cheese puff snacks.  Of course Mr. B comes home and Chance is sucking his thumb (out of habit) and he makes some comment about him being hungry (after he just ate) so he feeds him Lays BBQ chips…. ::eye roll::  Healthy right?

Good phase he’s in?  Oh, it’s awesome.  When either of us go to get him from out of his room or he’s seeing one of us for the first time that day, Chance gets this big, excited smile and says “Hey!” like it’s been too long since the last time he’s seen us.  The greatest part about it though is that Chance doesn’t know what it means to be real or fake, so it’s all genuine 🙂  It makes you feel pretty special.


What cute things is your kiddo into these days?  What are your plans for this weekend?



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