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Just so you know, I’m about to go on a short rant regarding the usual topic: my father-in-law, specifically the smoking.

So nothing aggravates me more than to come home from church (at night) to him awake, smoking in his chair, & watching a scary blood & gore movie. I mostly have an issue with the smoking. For one, Chance is allergic and gets sick. Two, I don’t want Evelyn getting sick. Three, it’s unhealthy for EVERYONE! Four, it reeks and makes the whole house (including the fabric couch next to him) smell. I don’t understand why he can’t just go outside or smoke under the vent in the kitchen. It’s not hard and they’re both less than 15 feet away. The issue with the scary nasty movie is simply that it’s not appropriate for Chance (or my scaredy-cat self). Anyway, Mr. B smoking means we have to hang out in our room (until he goes to bed) with an active Chance + a sleeping Evelyn which means Evelyn will be jarred awake by Chance & Dakota rough-housing on the bed.  This is not fair to her and not cool with me, but he doesn’t realize any of this and goes to bed shortly after the damage is done and it’s driving me insane.

<end rant>

On a healthier note (ha ha <–I’m lame), I will be joining Dakota in doing the Insanity workout… see healthier 🙂

Monday starts the Insanity.  We will be working out together as a form of support and accountability.  He’s doing it to lose weight and get back into shape.  I’m doing it to gain weight and get my body back to the energetic & more flexible body I had in high school.  This is also to help us (including Chance & Evelyn) get used to choosing healthy and eating healthy.  With that said, by the time you’ve read this post, I will more than likely have done the first day’s “workout” and will probably be re-cooperating for the rest of the day.  I’ll do my best to update each week on my progress (or lack there of if I die in the process).

Current thoughts on this upcoming challenge:  I’m scared of looking like a fool (this isn’t P.E. class where the exercises are ones you’ve done since elementary, but I still have that cutie I’m trying to impress), I’m worried about how it will affect my body, I don’t know how I’m going to handle the meal plan and having the food prepared at the right times in the right proportions, also I’m not sure Chance is even going to like the food.

I’m clearly ready for this right? ::blows bangs out of face::  Let’s do this thing.

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