Kansas: Day 1 & 2

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Our first full day of being in Kansas, we slept until about noon.  Yeah, we wasted half the day, but man it felt good and it definitely helped with re-cooperating.  So, first thing first, we met our friend, Bro. Joe at an old time barber shop and then went to a second-hand store to get clothes for the kids.  It wasn’t quite what I expected, though I did find stuff for the kids and myself (I’m super excited about the dress and skirt I got).  Then we were off to one of the many parks the city has.  It was really pretty and really open.  I know that may sound like an oxymoron, but it wasn’t cluttered with jungle gyms or slides.  There were slides and merry-go-rounds and such, but there was a pavilion, a few grills,  and just lots of open running space.

Chance was still being super clingy and I did more playing on the monkey bars than he did on any of it.  There was also talk of us taking a trip to visit a brother in Salina (pronounced sa-LINE-a), but more on that later.  Then we went to visit some people, however both of the kids were sacked out so we just headed home. They napped, though Chance was acting kind of off.  Dakota was holding him and said that Chance felt hot.  Chance was clingy and just laying on whoever being a limp noodle.  Uh-oh.  We check his temp and he’s at 103.5 F.  The thing is, he doesn’t have a runny nose, he’s not coughing; so it’s not allergies.  He’s teething.  I get a wet rag and lay it on him to try and cool him off.  It didn’t last long, but there was a difference in his body temp.  This lasted all night.  There were times when we thought he was improving, only to see a few minutes later he wasn’t.  Oh, so the trip we were going to take to Salina.  We were going to visit someone named Bro. Andre at his place of worship.  For those of you who don’t know, Salina is a 2-hour drive.  Originally, our friend, Bro. Joe was going to meet us at our hotel for 10:30 AM and drive us to the church.  Later Saturday night, Dakota calls him about something.  There was a change of plans.  Bro. Joe is coming to pick us up at 7:30 AM which means we have to be ready to go before that.  Oh. My.  I don’t think we can do this.  And then with Chance sick… there’s just no way.  Well, at the point when they hung up the phone we should’ve gone to bed.  It was like 9:30 PM, but Evelyn had just woken up and there was no way she was going back to sleep; at least not for another few hours.  BIG MISTAKE. Also Dakota &  I were being dummies and had sweet tea after 4:00, so we were both wide awake at 1:00 when we should’ve been asleep.  In short, Saturday night was rough. And getting up Sunday was morning was rougher.  I was dragging.  Fortunately I was able to get a bath before we left which helped me a lot.

Anyway, we left exactly at 7:30 and got to Salina right before 9:30.  We went to church, ate out at Coyote Canyon with Bro. Andre, Bro. Joe, and his son Joey.  Afterwards we dropped off Bro. Andre and met his mom.  On our way back to Pratt, we visited several members of Bro. Joe’s family.  We didn’t get back to the hotel until after 9:30.  Of course we still had to go by Walmart to get some toiletries.  It was around midnight or so when we left and headed for bed.

What a long day and there’s talk of more stuff for the next day.  Craziest vacation ever.  Fortunately, Chance was feeling a lot better which made the trip to Salina a bit easier though he was still being clingy.

On a side note, if we’re not with people, we are living off of Sonic. Healthy, I know.  If I die, please don’t leave a breakfast burrito on my grave.  I may eat it and then come back to haunt you, just a warning.

Something I’ve learned so far.  You may spend a lot of time with someone and you hear of their past and what they’ve gone through, but it means a lot more when you meet their family and see the complexity of it all.  It adds more depth to what they’ve overcome and there is a deeper appreciation and respect for that person.  Like another petal being added to a rose.

Cool piece of info about Pratt, Kansas:  From the city’s center, it is a mile to the edge of the city in any direction.  It’s completely Small Town, USA. I have pictures coming soon of what the town looks like.

PS.  On our way back home, we will be stopping somewhere in Texas.  I’m hoping Canton.  If there are any readers in the area that would like to meet up, that would be really cool.  Just send me an email (cafedumom [at] gmail [dot] com) or DM me on Twitter (@CafeduMom).  I’m not sure when we’ll be there, but Dakota has agreed to make this stop if anyone is interested.  Please contact me by Thursday so we can make the proper arrangements.  I look forward to meeting y’all.

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