Kansas: The Trip

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The trip was long and not very fun. I mean, there were fun moments, but there were moments with very unhappy kids. Chance and Evelyn would work in tandem as far as being fussy. It wasn’t often that they were asleep at the same time. So for the most part, I’ve learned I probably won’t do this again. I think it would depend on how long it took to get to our destination and how long we would stay. Not doing anything in a vehicle for an extended period of time does not suit either of the kids. I don’t plan on doing this regularly, the poor kids don’t know what to do with themselves and they have no way of passing the time besides playing with toys and sleeping.

So, as far as the plans for the trip, there were none. The only agreement Dakota and I could make regarding the trip was to drive as far as we could Thursday and make it to Pratt, Kansas on Friday. Basically, here’s how it happened. We left home around 6:10 PM and call it a night right inside Oklahoma around 3:00 AM. We stopped twice for gas & food and a few times to feed Evelyn. Of course I must add that Dakota learned a lesson (sort of). I had asked about booking the hotels in advance, but he said we would find something when we got to whatever town. So, when we decided we would pull off for the night, we spent 30 minutes driving to 4 different hotels/motels in search of a place that had a king bed in a non-smoking room. We finally ended up at Best Western. We didn’t choose it for any reason other than we had screaming kids and we needed a place to sleep.

We were up and heading out the door by 11:00 AM to check-out and continue our long drive. We ended up at our Days Inn hotel around 5:00 PM. I think we only stopped twice. Anyway, we made it safely and we are all doing okay for the most part. Chance just seemed not himself. He was super clingy and wouldn’t hardly eat anything. Later that night when we were hanging out with some friends at the skating rink, Chance wouldn’t go near the rink and when we finally got him on, he would only take very few baby steps and cry the whole time 🙁 It was really sad. We got back to the hotel and asleep we went.

Oh! Funny story time. So, two hours into the drive, Evelyn needs to be fed so we pull off. I get Evelyn & Dakota says to check & change their diapers while we’re stopped. Okie dokie. As I’m about to get their stuff out the back, I’m going through in my head where it would be. Um, Houston, we have a problem. We didn’t load that bag in the car. Thinking back to where it was in our room, I remember it being on the bed with the other bag that contained our toiletries. Yes, we forgot that one too. Anyway, I remember Evelyn being on the bed and because I didn’t want her to roll off, I decided to go ahead and put her in her car seat in the other room. That was the last time I was in our room. My mind was racing with trying to get out of the house ASAP and so it went whirling around with all of the things we needed, things that were in sight. The expression “out of sight, out of mind”? It is so true. I forgot all about the bags since they were in another room and I completely forgot they needed to be brought into the living room to be loaded into the car. Oops. The sad thing is, forgetting something happens every single time I go on a trip. It. Never. Fails. In addition to the check list I made for the stuff that needed to be packed for everyone, I think I’m going to make one of all the items that need to be put in the vehicle and post it by the door so it will be seen. We won’t be able to leave the house until everything has been gotten in one spot to be loaded into the car.

Here’s some pictures of our trip:


Evelyn driving, this was after we discovered we left their bag at home


At Best Western


Evelyn woke him and he gave everything the death stare, he was so out of it poor thing

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