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Right now, things are going okay. Not completely the way I want of course, but they are going nonetheless.

With Dakota working for Apple now, things have definitely changed. Right now he’s training, so he’s still putting in 40 hours a week. He’s got one more exam to pass before he’s an official employee of Apple, Inc. He’ll then go through a week of “nesting” and then we’ll figure out what & how many hours he’ll be working. So, at the moment, so far so good.

Oh, I know this may sound weird, but I talked to Dakota about re-proposing. I know it’s selfish and it totally shows my inability to let things go. I’m selfish in the sense that I believe I deserve to have that happy moment as well as an awesome wedding. Obviously my actions and decisions leading up to such was not all that wise (and I do regret them), but it prevented those occasions from happening “correctly” and in a better experience. So I guess what I’m saying is I need/want a do-over for some sort of closure and peace. Dakota and I have talked about doing another wedding, the way we wanted to the first time minus the “oh, the only reason is because she’s pregnant”, “I can’t believe they’re doing this”, “I’m disappointed in y’all” negativity, but really got me thinking about the proposal is when I saw this video and I was bawling my eyeballs out. It’s an awesome & very creative proposal in short. Anyway, being the way he is, there was some convincing to be done, but Dakota agreed. Now it may not sound like it’s going to be all that great because I’ll be telling him what I had in mind, but I don’t know when he plans on doing it so it will definitely be a surprise. I haven’t gotten the whole “moment” written down and completely thought out yet, but I have a few ideas 🙂

Handsome little man

Chance is, well, to summarize, is 25 pounds of energy and muscle. Seriously, he is so solid and heavy these days especially compared to squishy little Evelyn. And the energy mentioned? He throws himself into the couch, then runs to the kitchen, circles around the island, comes back into the living room to laugh and then take off toward the kitchen again. On another occasion, he does this little dance-jig thing really fast and then goes to lay on the floor with his feet in the air waving them back and forth and then gets on the couch to either throw his head repeatedly into the back cushions or jump. It wears me out just watching him and it only happens between 5:00 (when Mr. B comes home) and 6:00 (when Dakota gets off work) and lasts like 15 minutes. It’s the weirdest thing. Chance is also in this phase of bad. He’s bullying his sister and yelling and taking things he wants and hitting people. It’s not nice. Apparently all that’s normal for a two-year-old should be, but despite the fact that he’s on schedule with those things, I feel like he’s behind in his speech. He’s smart, he understands a good bit, he’s annoyingly good at mimicking the things that we do (good & bad), and he’s also has 40+ words under his belt. My concern is getting him to put those words together into a phrase like “Thank you Momma” or “Hey Mawmaw” or “Bye Nana”. I’m trying not to worry about it, I mean he just made 2 and the pediatrician said to give him 6 months before we take any further actions. I feel like a horrible mom for not having any confidence in him. Does that make me a bad mom? I do work with him on putting the words together, but he just doesn’t seem to understand what I’m trying to accomplish. 6 months, things can change in 6 months.

Happy baby 🙂

Evelyn! Omg. Just thinking about her puts a little grin on my face. She is a character and so much snuggles 🙂 Evelyn’s got the 4 front teeth and boy is she munching down on food. By food I mean like pizza and hamburger mac & cheese, she won’t have anything to do with baby food. On the 9th of July, Evelyn also took her first step without realizing it. I was so excited, I ran to write it on the whiteboard so I could let Dakota know. It was so small, but still so awesome. The current issue with her is trying to wean her. Yes, I’m still nursing her, not that I think it’s a bad thing, but I’m more than ready to get 8 straight hours of sleep. Evelyn wakes twice EVERY NIGHT to feed; usually between 1 & 2 and 4 & 6. Her pediatrician said to go ahead and let her use a sippy, except she won’t take one. Different drinks, different temps, numerous times. She doesn’t seem interested in anything other than chocolate milk, but I quickly realized it was just the rubber nipple she likes. Ugh. Fail. So, calling all mommas! Anyone with suggestions and experience? I’M ALL EARS.

Well, over and out. Both children are awake and need entertaining to be cared for.


How is your week going?

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