Last Year’s Oldness & New Year Newness

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New Years is all about fresh starts, turning another page in our life. The best thing about New Years is the ability to set a goal and set your mind to working towards it.  This year my goal is to complain less, pray more, and to learn how to sew.  I know, not typical, but all three are going to change my life in a big way.  I’m going to get Dakota to hold me accountable to the first one, myself for the second, and I’m still looking for someone to teach me how to sew (I am also in need of a sewing machine).

Also, with this new year there is new stuff on my blog.  I finally updated the header to match my new non-pregnant situation 🙂 One of my goals for this blog is to have a monthly post. I know that makes this website sort of lame, but work with me gang.  Chance and Evelyn won’t let me near electronics when they’re awake.  Chance wants to be in my lap and hitting keys on my keyboard and/or trying to steal my phone. Evelyn decides to be cranky and will only stop whining when she is held which makes it difficult for me to focus and type.  So I have attention-loving children at all hours of the day except for when they are both asleep which is how this post got done.

My other goal is to be more transparent.  Some people may not realize that I’m Apostolic  and that it is a big factor in my life, actually it’s huge.  Do know that before you decide to stop reading this blog, I’m not going to shove my beliefs down your throat.  As the pastor said at the New Year’s Eve service: Strive to be a nail in a sure place.  That’s what I want to be.  I’ll post about things I learn, but this website will continue to be about my journey as a young mom of two amazing, drive-me-crazy kids.

Looking back at 2011:

January–Chance learns to crawl & I find out I’m pregnant

March–We went to a gaming convention in Boston

April– Got Cafe du Mom set up

May– Chance takes his first steps & get his first two teeth

June– Chance turns 1!

July–Dakota’s 22 Birthday

August– I got the Holy Ghost

September–My dad had a heart attack, my step-father-in-law caught himself on fire

October– Evelyn is born

November– My 21st Birthday, 2-year anniversary

December– I got a Kindle for Christmas!


What are your goals for this new year? 

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