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Anyone ever discover a diaper in their washing machine with evidence of a disaster all over every single item of supposedly clean laundry? Yes? So then you already know it’s not fun. I got to re-experience that this weekend when I had no kids & Dakota was working.  My only chore for the day was to do laundry. So I spent most of that time in the laundry working on said disaster. I got some helpful advice from a friend and the internet & decided to combine the advice.  Here’s what I did: the good, the bad, & suggestions.

What to do when a diaper or pull-up has exploded its gel-y contents in your washing machine

1. I shook every clothing item out (in the laundry room) & tossed it in the dryer as a holding space.

BAD IDEA.  I’m meticulous & ignorant about stuff, & I didn’t think to look up what to do prior so to shaking gel beads all over myself & the laundry room. After I did some research, I found that just about everyone had to rewash the clothes at least twice.  I had already shaken most of the stuff out & the “damage” was done so I just kept going.

gel beads

WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE: If I was determined to be meticulous (& ridiculous), I could have shaken the clothes out outside or simply rewash the clothes (no detergent).

2. I cleaned my washing machine.

GOOD IDEA.  I needed to do it anyway, so I just emptied a Tide packet into the machine, set it to it’s hottest setting, & ran a normal cycle. This removed any remaining beads.

3. I rewashed the clothes & dried them.

GOOD IDEA. You would not want to just throw them into the dryer with the beads still on them. It comes out looking like bad lent pills all over the clothes. Once dried, I checked out the clothes.  Some of it was still on the clothes, but it was hardly noticeable. Yay!

Now since I shook out the clothes, there were gel beads all over the floor & myself. So for clean-up I tried to vacuum.  No good.  When it’s dry, it’s extremely easy to clean; it’s just waiting for it to dry that’s a problem especially when in big clumps.


As you can see above just how thick it was.  I ended up just rolling up the rug to be shaken out for later & vacuumed the leftover beads when dried which doesn’t take too long.

What did I learn after all that?

1. NEVER dump a bag of clothes into the washing machine.  As inconvenient as it may be, grab & drop the clothes into the washing machine.  You will thank yourself later when you find a used diaper in the dirty clothes bag. You will not only save time & money, but also your sanity/frustration.  Luckily, I wasn’t dressed to go anywhere so I could get “snowed on” & walk away to take care of something else outside.

2. Don’t vacuum the beads wet, it will stick to every nook & cranny in your vacuum.

3. Research fixes BEFORE trying to DIY <-not an expert.

Because I love reminders & making things, I made a sign to remind you (& myself) of these things + other valuable nuggets.  You can download this, print it, frame it, & hang it in your laundry room so you can smile when you see it & never make the same mistakes again.  You’re welcome 🙂

laundry sign


Have any laundry disasters ever happened to you?

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