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There has been a good bit going on lately and there is no simple way to write it down.  So please pardon my scatter-brain as I attempt to update you on life and it’s goings-on.

1.  The House Update

We are kind of in a rut at the moment.  Everything was going really good until the finance people changed their mind.  They said at first they wouldn’t need pictures, then came back and decided they needed them, and then decided they didn’t want to help us finance the house “because there is too much damage.”  Um, hello? The pictures make the house look much worse than it really is.  Our only options thus far is to see if the people (i.e. the bank) who “own” the house will be willing to pay for some of the damage that was caused from it being unoccupied for so long.  If they say no to what we requested to have fixed, then there is one person who was suggested by our agent that usually finances really bad homes.  If they say no, well, then it looks like we’re not moving after all and we wasted a lot of time and some money when we paid the inspector. GRR.  We need to get moving soon.  I really don’t want to raise two kids in a two bedroom house unless we start working on making it a three bedroom or something.

2. The Remote vs. The Lighter

I know this sounds really bad and you are correct.  Monday night, Dakota cut Chance’s hair (there is more about that in a minute).  Well, my father-in-law (Mr. B) flipped out about us cutting it.  I agree, it doesn’t look professional, but we have to learn somehow and flipping out about it isn’t encouraging.  Anyway, once the initial flip-out was over there was a slight tension in the room.  Dakota and his dad were both watching the baby and I’m staring at the floor because I don’t really like how his dad handled the situation and I’m trying to keep my mouth shut.  Well, my Mr. B left his lunch box on the floor with his lighter in the pocket.  I hadn’t noticed this until Dakota was telling his dad that he [his dad] flips out more about Chance having the remote then the lighter (which he was now holding unbeknownst to me).  What was his dad’s response you say?  Sad stuff folks.  His initial concern was the fact that the baby could break the remote (remote goes to 55″ LCD flat screen TV, his baby / lover / addiction) and it would cost more to get a new one verses a lighter…. His attitude about the baby having the lighter? “It won’t hurt him”.  Seriously?  So  at this point I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.  I made a statement along the lines of “Well, he may not be able to break it or get it to light, but he can suck on it and drink the fluid if he gets a hold of it right.” Hooray! you say.  Yeah, sure, but the conversation shouldn’t have existed.  Mr. B made some remark about someone (other than himself) should take it from him and I realized why this came up.  I went around the island in the kitchen to see Chance to find him holding the said lighter.  To make a point, I walked over and took it from him.  Of course he started crying, but I picked him up explaining how the lighter was dangerous and that he shouldn’t be playing with it and I started to feed him something to take his mind off of it (thank goodness for his baby attention span, pun intended).  Shortly after, Mr. B walked out of the room and went to sit on the couch in front of the TV.  The weird thing?  He didn’t turn the TV on (which never happens), but I didn’t think twice about it because I was irritated.

We talked about it on the way to church and Dakota informed me that Mr. B realized what he had said and his obvious concern for the wrong thing which is why he was on the couch being quiet.

3.  Chance’s Hair Cut

Yes we did.  I’ve been wanting to get it cut, but we were never able to do so with other stuff going on.  Chance’s schedule was way off and it was late and I decided that we were going to do it that night.  He didn’t cry which was awesome, but he wouldn’t keep still.  I started doing it and then Dakota was all “Let me do it, I want to see how good I am at it”…. Uh, apparently he has this aversion to me doing hair seeing that he won’t let me cut his hair either.  *major eye-roll* Anyway, I got to be a witness of the hair falling into the sink and the frequent “oops!” moments Dakota had while cutting his hair.  Talk about making me nervous.  I did record some of it which can be watched here.  Sorry I didn’t have my brains in my head when we were finished with his hair cut, so I forgot to get an end-result picture. I will get that up as soon as I have him back from his Mawmaw’s this weekend.

Like I mentioned above Mr. B flipped out when he saw the hair cut the next day.  His words: “What did you do to his head, son?”  If I were doing a poll, so far he’s the only one who doesn’t like it.  It does have a few spots in it where it’s cut closer to the scalp and other places it’s a little choppy, but we have to learn somehow and might as well start now while he can’t complain about it and he doesn’t care.

4. Handling the Husband

I love my husband, I wouldn’t trade him for anything.  Girls who think he’s cute and check him out in plain sight and behind my back:  I promise I’m saving you from a headache.  He is a handful and then some.  Anyway, I was upset with him last night.  Part of it was the fact that he can be a total robot sometimes and the other part was due to the fact that I have crazy unstable hormones these days.  I don’t need medication, I need to have this baby.  I can’t remember what was said and why it ended the way it did, but know that we went to bed without kissing each other goodnight (my doing, not his).  If you don’t get anything out of this post, please get this:  No matter what happens, get things worked out before going to bed.  Yeah you may each need to sit in separate timeout corners, but get calm and get collected and sit down with each other.  Be willing to listen without interrupting.  I can’t tell you how many times arguments didn’t end because we couldn’t keep our mouths shut.  Patience and perseverance is all it takes.  I don’t pretend to have the perfect marriage.  I can honestly say we still have a lot to work on (mostly because we are immature and handle things like children sometimes). However, I have learned a good bit, especially when it comes to voicing my problems.  In the beginning I did nothing but bottle everything up that was bothering me.  I never learned to share how I felt with people I was having problems with face to face.  I was infamous for doing it behind their back and avoiding all confrontations with them.  Dakota and I would disagree or neither of us would be considerate of the other and we would be upset with each other.  I would hold it in until something small happened and it was the straw that broke the camels back, happening at the most inconvenient times. I would spell out everything he had done wrong and chew him out.  Dakota’s reaction was a bit shocked, mostly because he didn’t realized he had done something or so much wrong.  So we talked to a good friend of ours about it and they told us this:  “say what’s bothering you and say it with a smile”.  Believe me, that part isn’t easy.  However, we did make ourselves do it and now we’ve added to that good advice:  say what’s bothering you and explain a better way to have gone about it.  I know you didn’t sign up for marriage counseling or therapy and I may be preaching to the choir, but the suggestion is there if you need it  🙂

5.  Pregnancy Update

I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and I’m ready to have this baby already.  I will also get a picture up of me and all my roundness as soon as I’m not in my night-time attire.

Here are questions that you may be asking and here’s the progress.

A. When are you due?  Sept. 22

B. Is it a boy or girl?  Girl

C. Name?  So far, Evelyn Rose

D.  Any craving?  yes, chocolate and pizza.  I know, healthy right?

E. Gain any weight?  Since finding out I was pregnant, 13 pounds.

F. Rudest pregnancy symptoms? Indigestion/heartburn & ridiculous Braxton Hicks contractions.

G. What kind of birth do you want?  I’m going for an all natural birth again

H. What do you miss the most about not being pregnant?  Seeing my feet and legs (not that I enjoyed looking at them, but I hate tripping over stuff and waddling) & having clothes that fit right

I. Biggest fears?  That me and the girl aren’t going to get along and that I won’t know what to do (I understand that the first few months are the same for all babies, but it’s all the stuff after).  I really don’t want to have a disconnected relationship with her like I have with my mom.

J. Biggest hopes?  That she gets blue eyes just like her brother and gets her daddy’s laid-back personality and loves hanging out with me.


Well, that’s it for now.  Bedtime.


What are some of the struggles you go through with your spouse?  How do y’all work it out?  Was it always like that?  What about your kid’s first big hair cut?  Did they handle it well?


Have a good Friday 🙂  🙂

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