Let’s Talk Homeschool pt. 1

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I really want to talk about homeschool, but I feel weird & uncertain.  Where do I start? Would anyone be interested?

So I figured I could start from the beginning and talk about our daily homeschool schedule.

Before I delve into that, I would like to express one of the many benefits of homeschooling is flexibility.  It’s the ability to start school as early or as late as I want, whichever works best for the kids, my husband, and myself. Currently, my husband’s schedule is later in the day, so we start school shortly after he leaves for work around 12:30.

12:45pm – 5 mins:  The first thing we do is go over our calendar board.  We recite the days of the week & the months of the year. We talk about the date & season we are in.  It usually brings out a few random & slightly irrelevant questions from Sister.

12:50pm – 10-15 minutes: I have a calendar notebook that I am having them work through.  Currently, I’m updating it so as to include a scripture for Chance to write & potentially memorize.

1:00pm – 20-30 minutes:  I’m reading from the Children’s BREAD bible & they are free to color or something of the sort.

1:30pm – 15 minutes: First up is our Phonics lessons

1:45pm – 15 minutes: Then it’s Math time!!

2:00pm – 20 minutes: The last subject of the day is Science, though on occasion Art works its way in there too :o)

At this point, if there is any enrichment activities, I’ll do those.  An enrichment activity could be watching a YouTube video or a Netflix episode (usually Wild Kratts or Magic School Bus), or reading a book or two.

Hopefully, we finish by 3:00, but that doesn’t always happen.  Anyone who knows me, knows I’m generally pretty organized… however, it seems as if that skill evades me during homeschool.  I never feel like I have a day where I am not missing something.  It could be we lost the pencils or I don’t have a certain material for a craft we were going to be doing & I waste time taking care of those things.

Once school is over, the kids are free to play & I reset the school table.  They usually go outside on the back patio or play in the livingroom, whichever they feel like.  I’m usually nearby working on my evening chores or preparing to head somewhere, depending on what day of the week it is.

I hope this information was useful.  I want you to see that homeschooling doesn’t have to take all day like it does it the public school system. Some people who are considering homeschool don’t realize how little of time it takes.  I think the older the kids get, it could take a little longer, but most kids at this age (4 & 5) learn through doing it, which is what most of my kids’ school work is.  I don’t really use a lot of “bookwork” for them.  I rely on visuals, physical objects, & constant reviewing to help them understand a concept. As, they get older, I plan on teaching them to be more independent with their learning & not relying on me as a full-time teacher. For now though, they rely on me fully so it’s up to me to pick out the curriculums & find systems that will allow them to grow to be independent learners, which is what I’ll be discussing in future posts ;o)

That’s it for now.  If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Happy Monday!!

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