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I’m not always honest with myself & that tends to get me in trouble, with myself. Silly but true. I tell myself I’ve got to read more, learn more, ask more questions. I’m totally avoiding whatever it is. I really just need to put on my big girl hat and do it. Trying is the only way to truly learn. What is that expression? Experience is the only teacher. Ditto! Reading for knowledge and understanding isn’t a bad thing before you begin any new area of learning, it is encouraged so you can be prepared. However, there comes a day when you have to take the test and put the knowledge to use. I’m not saying that today is that day, but that is probably going to be my goal for this year. Call it a delayed New Year’s resolution if you like.

Here’s a few things I want to accomplish for this year:

1. Start homemaking all the bread we eat. I’m already doing this with our biscuits, I just need to woman up and start making the rest of it (which really just means sandwich bread).

2. Start making skirts & dresses for Evelyn & myself. I’ve got the patterns & the materials & the equipment.

3. Perfect our meals.  I’ve not be very good at consistently with planning my meals which in turn hurts the budget.  However, when I do plan, I don’t usually have a hard time following through with it, I just need to do it. Next, I want learn to become more frugal with our meals & then ultimately, make them healthier.

4. Blogging about our journey more.  I know I don’t do it a lot, though I love sharing my experiences with others.  I feel like I get too involved in what I want to say versus what I should say & I’m a perfectionist that types really slowly with not a lot of time on her hands.  Bad combo, but I’m am going to try harder.

Four very simple goals for 2016.  Being honest with myself here, I’m scared.  Why?  It’s completely unknown.  Looking back, I never would have gotten this far if I had attempted to start somewhere.  I’m glad I did.  It’s encouraging to look back and realize how much I’ve learned and these new goals, thy aren’t that big and scary.

So here’s to putting on my big girl hat & being a better homemaker in 2016.

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