Maybe Baby in the Next 10 Days!?

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Oh em gee, it just dawned on me that I am going to be having a baby soon.  I am about to be bringing another human life into this world.  I know that may sound ridiculous, but although I’ve been pregnant for almost 9 months, the due date just seemed a million miles away…. until now.  I called Dakota earlier crying about how scared I was.  Yes, despite me telling everybody that I was ready, I realized just how unprepared I am.  Considering my last pregnancy, I never went into labor on my own so I’m a little nervous; I have no previous experience.

I also realized that I haven’t even packed for the hospital and I never officially made plans to have someone watch Chance.  Luckily, my husband has thought of this and he’s already made arrangements with his mom.  See how unprepared I am?  I’m just thinking someone is magically going to be taking care of Chance while I’m in labor.

Oh, I just remembered about my birth plan.  You may be asking, “what’s a birth plan? ”  A birth plan is your “plan” (and I use it loosely because things could definitely change in an instant) of what you want out of your birth.  It is reviewed by your midwife or doctor prior to going into labor, copies made, and in your file for the nurses that will be on duty while you are in labor.  This keeps them informed of what you want (such as no pitocin or no family allowed in the room no matter what they do or say) so you don’t have to and they won’t bother you with that question.  It comes in handy, but from what I learned last time, you need to stick with it.  Make sure you have a copy with you as well so you remember what you want.

Anyway, here’s my birth plan:

Birth Plan


                                                  DURING LABOR & DELIVERY

I would like….

-dim lights

-the clock to be covered

-the birthing ball and the birthing stool in the room for my use

-the portable tub, unless the new tub is in the room.  My husband plans on being in the water with me while I’m in labor.  I would like to deliver in the tub as well.

-intermittent monitoring with an external monitor (submersible)

-freedom to move around the room

-freedom to choose whatever positions

-freedom to use the tub and/or shower

-the freedom to have food and drink during labor

-to wear my own clothes, no gown unless I ask

I do not want….

-any form of anesthesia or analgesia (epidural, IV, general, etc.)

-to be offered any pain medications, we will let you know if we need them

-pitocin or anything to artificially aid my body in the birthing process

-excessive vaginal exams (only by request)

-to be told beyond the first vaginal exam what my progress is; you may tell my husband and/or my Doula out of my earshot

-anyone other than trained medical staff and my husband  in the room during labor and delivery; no interns allowed

-to be laying on my back during any part of the birthing experience

-an episiotomy

                                                       DURING BIRTH

-have Dakota catch the baby

-have the same freedoms during labor


We would like….

-to have Dakota cut the cord

-to breastfeed as soon as possible and privately

-to bathe the baby ourselves

-the staff to give the baby her shots and eye medicine while Dakota holds her

-immediate bonding time with our daughter

-local anesthesia for repair (if needed)

I don’t want….

-pitocin unless it is a medical emergency

-the triple dye for the umbilical cord

-anyone going to our friends and family to announce anything, we will inform them when we are ready

 C-SECTION (only if there is a medical emergency and consent has been given)

-I want to be knocked out.  I do not want to be conscious while the procedure is occurring.

-breastfeeding as soon as possible in recovery room

-allow Dakota to bathe the baby

-give the baby hr shots while Dakota holds her

-allow us time to settle in the recovery room with minimal disturbances



The Birth Plan above is what WE want for this birth experience and is a guide for anyone who is interested.  Please note, most things listed are specific to this hospital and are not always available options at other hospitals.  You will need to do discuss these options with your doctor or midwife prior to delivery so that you know what is and isn’t available.  Do your research and go prepared with questions.  It is ALWAYS beneficial to know what is going into your body (pitocin & epidural) and on the baby’s body (triple dye) and the effects or side effects it will have.

 Also note that I am not against anyone else’s choice for a different birth experience.  We personally chose this path because this is what we feel is best for OUR child.

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