Meal Plan for February Week 3

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Remember my post from yesterday? Well, here’s me following through with two of my four goals for this year: writing more & being consistent with meal planning.

I wasn’t sure about sharing this, but I’d thought it might could help someone.  Here’s my meal plan for this week:


-Breakfast: Breakfast drinks/muffins

-Lunch: Out with a friend

-Supper: Leftovers


-Breakfast: Cereal

-Lunch: Sandwiches

-Supper: SC Chicken Stroganoff


-Breakfast: Muffins

-Lunch: Pizza Bagels

-Supper: Taco Soup


-Breakfast: Eggs

-Lunch: Sandwiches

-Supper: SC Cream of Mushroom Pork Chops


-Breakfast: Instant Grits/Oatmeal

-Lunch: Mac & cheese

-Supper: Chicken Pot Pie


-Breakfast: Toast

-Lunch: Sandwiches

-Supper: Leftovers


-Breakfast: Biscuits

-Lunch: eat out

-Supper: TBD

To make my life easy when it comes to meal planning, I created a simple and loose routine.  All the breakfasts that you see listed are the same breakfasts we have eery week with some sort of variety. Sometimes I (or the kids) may be interested in something else, so I just swap around the meals to assist in staying on on plan.  Easy peasy. Lunch is pretty basic: leftovers, sandwiches, or a random fun meal like pizza bagels or homemade lunchables. I’ll also rotate in other simple lunches so we don’t get too burnt out on anything.  Supper is planned based on activities. Super busy days usually means you can find the crockpot in use on my kitchen counter. Other days I try to keep it easy by making a dump meal or a casserole. I’m also in the process of learning how to do the freezer cooking method, but that’s another post for another day ;o)

There you have it.  This is what I’ll be cooking this week in case anyone is hungry. I do usually cook more than for those in the house because we do feed an extra mouth or two on occasion. I linked a few of the recipes so you could see where I got them. Hopefully it will help you with your planning.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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