Meet Chance

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Chance recently

Name: James Chance

Called: Chance

Alias: Monkey, Turkey (Turd Monkey), Stinker, & Goober

Age: Made a year June 28

Hobbies: Banging on things that make noise, getting into stuff he’s not supposed to, crawling around, doing his happy dance, being cute for people, and making people laugh

Milestones: Has two front teeth, eats just about anything his parents do, & learning to walk

Favorites: Eating sweets & treats with his dad, exploring, & dancing to music

Chance 30 minutes old

This was Chance when he was born a little over a year ago.  Dakota was crying he was so happy.  At this point, I hadn’t seen the baby yet because I was still asleep from the surgery, but as soon as a saw him, I was in tears too 🙂

My/Chance’s birth story is the next post if you are interested.

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