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OMG! I’m finally getting time to work on a post.  Granted it’s 12:30 AM and I’m just starting on it.  Anyway.  Things at home have been so not the norm and with this abnormality thing going on I’ve been at wits end with chaos.

Here’s the most current goings-on in our household:

1. Tuesday, Jan. 24, Dakota was let go from his job of 3 1/2 years.  It was completely unexpected, but after many tears and half-hearted jokes, we have come to terms with it and are looking forward to what God has planned for us.  One door has been shut and another one is/will be opening.

2. Chance got another hair cut.  We went a little shorter than last time, but it still looks good.  Mr. B calls him “skint head” because the kid looks practically bald.  Anyway.  Those who don’t know (probably because I forgot to write about) Chance has this issue with twirling & pulling his hair with his right hand while he’s sucking on his left thumb. At first it wasn’t a problem until we realized that there was a bald spot forming.  So we did the only thing we could and cut his hair.  We are continually trying to stay on top of the problem by keeping his hair short without shaving it.  His hair cut looks good, but the bald spot doesn’t appear to be getting any better.  I really don’t know what else to do about it.  Please leave a comment below with any suggestions you may have.

3. Since Dakota has been home, things have been good.  I really am glad that he’s home, and I’ve noticed we are functioning better together as a family.  We are more on the same page and he is getting more familiar with how I do things around the house.

4. Mr. B is getting on my last nerve.  I’m sure anyone living with an in-law can understand how annoying and difficult they can be.  Right now, the problem is that he keeps acting as a parent to Chance and messing with Evelyn.  For example, just about every day when he comes home from work the first thing he does is approach Chance and play with him while he’s eating supper.  Well Chance immediately wants to play instead of eat and he makes the signs that he is all done and wants down out of his high chair.  Mr. B continues this for a few minutes and walks away and we have to get Chance refocused on eating.  Mr. B then comes back and does it again killing our efforts.  I don’t understand why he is always asking about whether or not Chance has eaten and assuming Chance is hungry because he’s whiny and yet is the cause of him not finishing his supper. GRR!! Aggravation.

5. Evelyn has learned to flip over onto her belly.  It’s funny when she’s doing it on our bed.  I watch her work on getting momentum to flip over, then get upset because her arm is stuck underneath her.  She dips her head, worms to get it out from under her, and then she looks up to see if there’s anyone around.  I get at her new eye level and smile at her.  She makes eye contact and does this awesome wide open mouth smile and hides her face like she’s embarrassed which causes her to face plants into the comforter.  It’s so cute.

Also, the day Dakota lost his job, the kids were getting their pictures taken for upcoming ads for A Big Deal Consignment at the photography studio of Kristine Stone.  Here is one of Evie.

photo kidnapped from an email that was sent to me

Kristie did a really good job and I love the way they pictures came out.  I will definitely being calling on her for family pictures later on this year.  She’s an awesome photographer, great with kids, and really amazing at making pictures look natural and not posed.

Kristie can be found on facebook and twitter.  Check out more of her work on her website too!

P.S. She’s working on something called The Film Project.  She’s using an old camera (Twin Lens Reflex camera) from the 50’s to capture 12 exposures of 12 different families. Read more about it here 🙂

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