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It has been way too long since I’ve been able to get on my laptop and click click away at all the things going on in our home. The only reason this is getting done is because Dakota is out grocery shopping and both kids are asleep (it’s also midnight as well). Anyway, I feel like I’m about to explode with everything and my fingers aren’t typing fast enough for me to get any of it out. So, without further ado…

1. I SURVIVED THE FIRST WEEK OF INSANITY!!! Whew! What a week it was. I’m going to be briefly honest and then deny it if you ask again 🙂 I might like the Insanity workout. There, it’s out. Don’t tell my husband. I told him I’m doing this as a support for him and partly for myself though I figured I’d have to quit because I was loosing too much weight or it was spoiling my milk (as crazy as that sounds). So, how did we do? For the fit test on Monday, I actually did a little better than Dakota in some cases, which boosted my confidence a little. However, it did equally kick our butts. As far as the results, I’ve noticed I was getting less and less sore and not as exhausted after finishing. Dakota says he feels a lot better and in some way I do as well though I’m waiting on the more physical results. See, I’m not doing the Insanity workout to lose weight, I’m doing it to make my pooch go away, which it’s not. I’ve been told by a friend that have done the Insanity workout and he said that he didn’t notice anything until the second month. Bah humbug.

2. Chance has his first crush 🙂 There is a girl we go to church with named Camille that he likes. It’s really cute to watch him smile at her when she walks by and play shy when she comes up to him and whine when she picks him up to hold him. Oh, did I mention she’s in 9th grade? It’s so funny. See, before Evelyn was born he was always playing with her after church and they had a lot of fun. Then, all of a sudden, it’s like he started playing shy and he runs from her to one of us and then he peeks around at her and smiles. It’s so crazy, and the worst thing about it? He’s just getting started and he’s not even in school yet.

3. Lately Chance has been having issues. The first one is with bedtime. We get home from somewhere and he plays until it’s his bedtime. Then he does the sign for food. We get him situated in his high chair and we go through several options of food, all of which he turns away and throws a fit. After a few nights of this, we caught on. He’s asking for food to avoid going to bed although we know he’s tired. So then we’d come home and send him straight to bed. That didn’t work either. He wouldn’t go down without a fight and he was practically whipped by the spatula all the way to his room. He also woke up around midnight asking for food. We came up with a plan: We come home, we ask him if he wants food. Yes: we feed him something, bath (based on the time), and then bed. No: he plays or, depending on the time, he gets a bath and then goes to bed.

4. The second issue is with how he handles or copes with discipline. As noted above, we use a pancake spatula for discipline. Chance was doing great. He’d do what we told him and then if he didn’t we could just show him the spatula and he’d do it. It was awesome, until he started acting out. Originally, we’d tell him no and then he’d start crying and we would hold him to comfort him. He would quickly stop crying once he was held or milk it with a little whine. We saw through his act and so then we refused to hold him when he got in trouble. He really started crying then because OMG we wouldn’t hold him, which brought on the tantrums. We’d say no and he would throw himself (his ginormous head) backwards (hurting us) and/or kick his feet when picked up (injuring somebody) and/or doing a pouty dance. Introducing the spatula. We started using it to get him to stop with throwing his head back and kicking his feet. He straightened up quick, but we still wouldn’t hold him. He then graduated to more drastic measures by intentionally bonking his head on something (sometimes the concrete floor) to have a reason to be comforted since we stopped doing it when he got in trouble. We saw what was going on and he had another OMG moment. Now he’s throwing objects and hitting us or other objects. What do we do now?

5. I’ve decided to show y’all how I do my hair. I know this is completely random, but I’ve been trying to figure out the quickest way to get my hair up with out all the hairspray and crazy up-dos. I mean I’ve got kids and I only ever have a few minutes to put my hair up. Here’s the challenge. I have really long hair (roughly about 30 inches long) and really thick hair (described to be similar to a horses tail). It takes a lot of time to make my hair look decent. I’ve talked to other women with hair like mine who were raised in Pentecost and know tons of hair-dos. Two had taken the time to work on my hair and show me a few hair styles. At the time though, my hair was fairly long, but not long enough to pull off most of the styles (Evelyn also was no where in the picture). However, it’s been quite some time and I rediscovered one of the styles that takes about 2 minutes to do. I will try and get a post up on this soon (ie when I can convince Dakota to take pictures of it as I do each step).

6. I was recently introduced to where there is a live feed of a nest of Decorah Bald Eagles. Currently there are three eggs waiting to hatch. You get to watch the parents organize the eggs before they snuggle themselves down into the nest to keep the eggs warm. Although it’s not very action-y, it’s really cool to think you are watching the whole thing live with 10,000 other people from all over the world (there’s a map that shows you where people are that are watching the feed). I would encourage everyone to check it out at some point or another. The website is I hope you enjoy it. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Sorry if it’s a bit long, but I feel so much better now that I have all of this out of my system. Now, it’s on to take care of other matters.

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