My 21st Birthday

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My birthday, although it started off as a good day didn’t end that way.

The usual happened throughout the day: fed Evelyn, attempted to get some laundry done, & Chance constantly tried to get my attention.

The plans for the evening were to go to my mom’s house for around 6 pm & then meet my dad & step-mom at Olive Garden for 7:30 or so.

I start getting ready around 4:30 with a bath. Dakota comes home a little after 5 to me nursing Evie on the couch. Chance needs to be woken up soon so we can’t get him dressed & fed before going to Mom’s, but Dakota is relaxing next to me and we are enjoying each other’s company before his dad gets home so Chance gets to sleep longer.

About 5:35 Dakota finally gets off the couch & goes to get Chance. He comes back with him, but he’s asking for the thermometer. Chance has a high fever.

At first I’m not convinced. He just woke up, he was wearing long sleeves and long pants when it wasn’t cold enough for it, and his room isn’t the coldest in the house (no vent in his room). However, his actions speak a lot louder. He is just laying around instead of starting trouble or being the king of cute.

I keep checking his temp periodically trying to convince everyone (including myself) that he’s fine, but no matter which thermometer we used or where we put it, the readings were all showing that he did indeed have a high fever. By the time I finally convinced myself that this was really happening, we weren’t going to make it to my mom’s.

We continued to keep an eye on him and his fever for an hour or so. He was moving slow and if not in somebody’s lap he was attempting to be himself or heading to someone who would hold him.

We noticed at some point that he was falling asleep, so putting him to bed & letting him rest we decided to go out to eat with my parents while Mr. B “watched” him (watch = watch TV while listening for anything & calling us if anything changed).

We left with me worrying about Chance and the person whose care we left him in. We met them at Olive Garden, they helped ease my worry, and we had a good time. Somebody ::cough:: Dakota ::cough:: snuck away to go to the bathroom and tell our waitress that it’s my birthday. She brought out a slice of chocolate (!!!) cake with a lit candle. That “little birdie” knows me so well. We had a good laugh with trying to capture a picture of me blowing the candle out after the fact. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Dakota called Mr. B to check on Chance, all was good, he was still sleeping, but we needed to get home & check on him.

Chance was still running a high fever, so I suggested a lukewarm bath to bring his fever down. It worked. He’s kind of playing, he ate a few bites of food, but after he got out it went back up again. We watched a few shows on TV, checking his temp off & on and monitoring his behavior. No change. We head to bed after 1 am, Dakota called the 24/7 nurseline to find out what’s going on & what we should do.

Good news: 101 to 103 is fine (he’s running a fever, but it’s not outrageous enough to cause alarm) & we’re doing everything right in trying to help him get better.

Bad news: this may last a few days so Dakota will probably be taking off work.

Although I love the fact that he’s cuddling, I hate that he’s feeling bad. It’s heartbreaking to see Chance be so opposite of his normal self. Like earlier, he got down out of Dakota’s lap & came to me. I didn’t even realize that the remote was available for the taking until I looked down & saw him standing in front of me staring at it 5 inches away when he normally would’ve taken off with it.

So now, he is in bed with us (with the ceiling fan on full blast) & we are supposedly taking shifts on waking to check his temp. I say supposedly because I’m the one still awake at 3 am & Dakota is sleep-talking about burying statues to make them even (?).

Anyway. Just checked his temp & it’s 102.6. He’s on top of the covers in his diaper. He’s had a fever (at least) since 5:45pm on the 16th (read 9+ hours). This doesn’t look good.

On a side note with the birthday thing, I have a few shout outs.

To Matt whose birthday was on the 14th and those in Club 16 (Sister Jennifer & Sister Brenda, Taylor, & Shane): HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!


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