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I like the idea of starting fresh and putting old things behind me.  I must admit though, I don’t know of a time I’ve actually kept any of my resolutions (much less remember them by the time Dec. 31 rolls around). Luckily, I wrote about my goals for 2012 and interestingly enough, I managed to accomplish one goal:  being more transparent.  Now, I don’t think I’m quite done yet with that one, but hey, it’s progress right?

So I would love to say that I’m going to stick with my goals and definitely accomplish them by Dec. 31, 2013 and that I’m going to be so proud of myself and throw a parade and all (I’m kind of kidding about the parade) but realistically it’s just not realistic ;P  I’m thinking that I’m not going to call them goals, more like suggestions to add to my already interesting life.  This works right?  Yes?  I’m not convinced, but whatever.


  • I want to be more crafty (sly fox anyone?). No, I want to learn how to DIY “mo-betta” as Dakota would say it.  Seriously, my mom is amazing when it comes to crafts.  I know for every project I had in school & my mom helped, I was always super proud of it and I knew it would pass (sometimes I got over a 100%).  I feel like she passed the gene along, but the scaredy-cat perfectionist part of me does not want to fail.  In a sense I kind of want to prove to her (well, mainly myself) that I am capable of doing it and being good at it if I give myself the opportunity. Pinterest is the source of the “I can do this, this looks easy, oh, it was done by a pro…uh, nevermind, was talking about that giant load of laundry” attitude.


  • I want to cook more often and waste less of the food that goes uneaten.  We have a big problem with this.  Many times, unless the food was absolutely amazing, no one wants to eat it the next day.  Normally, in theory, you save money when you make big batches, except that doesn’t work with this family and excess sits in the fridge for a few days and then the men are “time to chunk it” and into the trash it goes.  That’s money being tossed and families going unfed and it bothers me.  I know some of it’s my fault, I mean, I could eat it the next day or heat it up for the kids, it’s not like they care if it’s leftovers.  I don’t always think about it until I open the fridge and then I’m like “Oh yeah”.


  • Speaking of money, ::cough cough:: we are going to attempt to create a budget and stick to it so we can save money and get the heck out of dodge.  Irony right?  We waste, but we want to save. Justifying it: At least Mr. B is wasting his own money so we can save ours. *eyeroll* I’m aware we have issues. This is old news y’all.  At least I’m aware of it & I’m attempting to do something.


I think that’s about it on my end anyway.  Dakota is also going to do the P90X workout again.  Not sure if he wants me sharing that.  He’s committing to it and though I have no doubts, it definitely is going to wreak havoc on our laid-back schedule.  The workout requires so many meals at certain intervals and then a window in which to do the workout, but  this isn’t the complete issue.  He’s also going to need a shower after he works out, he wants more time to work on his website, and time to read his bible and of course the man has to work, then the kids have naps, oh and somewhere in there I need a bath.  Can you say Nightmare? Ah ha, but I have le coffee, I shall conquer.  Super MOM!


<<Looking back at 2012<<

January–Dakota lost his job after 3 years of working with that company

February–We start the Insanity program

March–We drove to Kansas, our first vacation as a family

May–We got a puppy & Chance moves to toddler bed :).

June–I don’t even know where to begin. June was a slap in the face & bubbles & a kick in the shins & unicorns. Oh yeah & Chance turned 2. It was awful.

July–Evelyn at nine months has her 4 front teeth & took her first steps

August-November–For 3 months Dakota was flexed up to full time because of the release of the iPhone 5 & the iOS 6 software. I spent a lot of time managing at A Big Deal Consignment while he worked. Once November came around, we were basically reunited & then we went to Destin AGAIN to celebrate 3 years of marriage 🙂

December– I realize I am selfish, I prioritize “mo betta”, I brag about my favorite baby carrier, tragedy in Connecticut, I do my first giveaway thanks to Baby K’tan, & I talk about my love-hate relationship with Christmas & what we did this holiday


What are you looking to change for 2013? Anyone actually wanting to keep things the same? What are you doing for New Years Eve?

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