Oh, the month of June

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June hasn’t been a very good month, for anyone, except Dakota in a brief but big way.  Each week has been filled with disaster or close to it. As a quick briefing of the treacherous month of June:

The first full week of June (4th – 8th), an unexpected marital separation occurred.  Or so I was informed.  No, Dakota and I are good 🙂 No worries there, but to respect the privacy of those affected, I’m not disclosing the involved party until I get permission to do so.  Simply know it hit close to home.  Anyway, so dealing with that knowledge and doing what I can to alleviate stress on one end of the party.  Note: this is only the first week of June.

That weekend (9th – 11th), I have massive headaches that have me laid out and incapable of doing anything but laying down. I had no real appetite or any form of energy, I stayed wrapped in a giant blanket and running a constant fever. I go see a doctor the next Tuesday.  I have strep…. amoxicillin and done (or so I thought at the time). I’m feeling a bit better and so we begin working on a really big project in the brick room.  Cue added stress and week 3.

So on top of the separation issue that really isn’t resolved at this point, we’ve got this really important project to do with a very impending deadline. Perfect time to take a break and go on vacation to Destin, Florida without telling anyone.  Did I mention we left that afternoon? SURPRISE!!  🙂

See also, I forgot to pack my medicine and deodorant for Dakota. (We always forget something).  Anyway, it really helped us relax and spend time together as a family away from life. Dakota and I also had the ability to talk about important matters that we realize have been occurring but unable to do anything about, much less talk about.  We left Monday the 18th and came back Wednesday the 20th. I know it was short and sweet, but it was definitely necessary.  However, we return home with more problems.  My throat wasn’t getting any better and I had gotten this rash all over my torso. It didn’t hurt or itch, but it was bizarre. So I go to see a different doctor Thursday.  I supposedly didn’t have strep, since the swab came back negative, but I had an allergic reaction to the amoxicilin.  Magic mouthwash to the rescue after searching for 4 local pharmacies to fill my prescription & no one had all of the ingredients.  Get that taken care of, but that’s not working either. Ah, yes, Dakota’s granny (Mr. B’s mom) had a heart attack.  She’s good, just one blockage that was fixed with a stint all in one surgery.  Her re-cooperation will probably be the most memorable of the experience because she kept forgetting that she was in the hospital and kept worrying about her fig trees in the backyard.  It had everyone smiling and gently shaking their head. Granny is still being Granny.  Needless to say, her family took care of the figs and have since enjoyed a few buckets or five and shared the bounty with friends and neighbors and the mail-person 🙂

Week 4.  Sunday, the 24th, I drive myself to the ER because the rash thing isn’t going away, but getting worse and spreading.  Solution from the fast-talking doctor.  I do indeed have strep, on both tonsils and I’m not only allergic to amoxicillin, but penicillin in general. He diagnosed my rash as hives which I’ve never had before. He gave me a steroid, something for my strep and something for the hives and boom.

Now as of week 5.  I still have the hives though my throat is doing much better, I’m just hideous to look at in the mirror. It’s a love-hate thing.  I’m completely fascinated in watching progress or lack thereof but I’m also hating the way I look as a person.  It’s a complicated relationship.

Ah, but there is a silver lining in this rainy month.  Dakota has been offered a part-time position at Apple, Inc. as an AppleCare At-Home Advisor. WOO HOO!  Apple, Inc. is a solid & growing company, awesome pay for a starting employee, full benefits, did I mention he’s working from home? Oh yeah, they send you an iMac to use for work 🙂 And they’re really awesome about making their employees feel like they are working for the greater good.  Like making them feel confident and motivated (ie Dakota’s reaction from everything he’s read).  From what Dakota has told me, it’s all completely epic.  He’s being an over-achiever now and giddy (giddy probably isn’t a very good word to describe a full-grown man unless your describing the inner child that resides inside of this said full-grown man 😉 and that inner child is quite giddy).

OH HO! And let’s not forget that Chance is having a birthday party this weekend 🙂  Yeah, did I mention at any point in time that I’ve been working on his birthday stuff?? Good, because then I’d be lying. I haven’t even touched it this month. I’m going for a train/cars/trucks theme, but the cool birthday stuff isn’t working out because I’ve been a little preoccupied.  In all seriousness, nobody except those that read this blog, even know about the party which is catered to all the kids I was hoping to invite. Uh, I never made/ordered/mailed any invitation and the party is Saturday.  Coolest Momma FAIL.  My kids will probably end up being the only kids at the party. Ugh. ::deep sigh:: I would say better luck next year, but I doubt I’ll be any better.  My poor kids.  Maybe I’ll get more practice with Evelyn. Or I just won’t do a party or I’ll be super creative and break the mold 😉 Idea formulating already….

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


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