One step forward & two steps back

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Today as I was reflecting on my kids’ progress, I noticed that while both are healthy and growing fine, they each took a step back. I was a little surprised I hadn’t noticed sooner.

First, a little backstory (of course). Chance started sucking his thumb the day he got his 2-month shots. For a while it wasn’t a problem; he was young and he needed his own way to comfort himself and it was a natural thing to suck for comfort since I was still nursing him. Fast forward about 16 months. Chance is still sucking his thumb. We happened to noticed how cracked and somewhat swollen his left thumb was and we decided he needed to stop. We would try and take it out of his mouth when we caught him sucking on it, but it became a game and we were losing. We gave up; he’ll stop one day on his own time. Also around that time, Dakota and I were cleaning our room & Chance’s to make it more Chance-friendly. Well I found some of Chance’s pacifiers from when he was younger, prior to discovering his thumb.  He started putting them in his mouth, but it wasn’t anything major.  He’d put them in and then it’d come out a few minutes later and then it was totally forgotten.  No big deal right?  Okay… So for the past few days he’s been sucking on the pacifier a lot.  Not like his life depended on it or anything, but more frequently than before.  So I guess it’s much better than him sucking his thumb because at least that can be taken away verses lopping off his thumb.

So, second, Evelyn’s issue is her sleeping habit.  Normally, she feeds twice during the night. Night before last, Evelyn needed to feed EVERY. TWO. HOURS.  Which meant four to five feedings.  It was like having a newborn all over again.  I was so exhausted and cranky yesterday morning. Ugh. Dakota suggested that she may be going through a growth spurt or something, which could be what’s going on. I don’t blame her, I just wish I would’ve had a heads up (which never happens right?).

Alright, for the world-shattering thing that happened yesterday. Okay, maybe not world-shattering because quite obviously the world is still intact, but the small world that exists with me and my kids just stopped for a minute.

So remember me telling you about Chance’s new fix on pacifiers?  Okay so I was on the couch, holding him in my lap with Evelyn in her Bumbo next to us.  Chance turns toward Evelyn and decides that he wants to share his pacifier.  This is going to be interesting.  Evelyn won’t take a pacifier for more than a few seconds.  He shoves it all over her face until I step in and help him get it in her mouth.  She sucks on it as per usual and pushes it out of her mouth with her tongue.  No surprise.  Chance wants to try again. This time he hands me his pacifier wanting me to put it in her mouth, so I do.  She sucks on it… one mississippi… two mississippi… Three Mississippi… FOUR MISSISSIPPI… OMG! She’s taking a pacifier!  HOLY  COW!  My excitement was short-lived though.  Chance thought she had it in her mouth too long and decided he wanted it back.  Oh well, SHE TOOK A PACIFIER!  Today is a day that will go down in history as the day Evelyn took a pacifier.  So from now on I can pack one for just in case situations and I can…. oh wait.  What’d I do with all of those pacifiers?  Uhm… Yeah.  Im going to go search for those bad boys now.


Does your child take a pacifier or do they suck their thumb?

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