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I seriously don’t feel like I accomplished anything this week with the husband being sick and being off work.  Not that he’s to blame.  He’s home and so we either didn’t leave the house or we basically stayed away from home all day.  However, despite the circumstances, I did manage to get ONE very important thing done.  Now, you may not consider it important, but I assure you it will make a difference in my homeschool planning.

So recently I came into a lot of books for the kids for homeschool.  Books such as the Magic School Bus books, books about space, science experiments, Egypt, being a knight, airplanes, etc. I’m very thankful for the books, I absolutely LOVE books. I was kind of overwhelmed.  I have all these books with no system in which to place them.  So I developed one 🙂

The first thing I did was group all the like-subject books: for instance, I put all the history books in one pile and the science books in another. In each of those piles I stacked them from biggest to smallest.  I did have to sub-categorize one of the subjects, but it wasn’t too difficult.

Here’s how it looks …

homeschool books

Yay, it’s organized!!

Ta-da!! All my books ordered by topic alphabetically, because what’s a large book organization without the alphabet ;o) I know it doesn’t really look that spectacular & honestly I’m okay with that for now.  I accomplished what I needed to accomplish.  You may ask, “what’s the benefit?” Well, when planning for a unit study or if I need to research some facts about a particular topic of interest, I can check my own library before having to go to our local library.  Typically, I would have to go through every book to find what I was looking for & then I may find a totally different book I wasn’t looking for & thus I am distracted upon discovery of this book that I hadn’t seen in a while or hadn’t realized I had. Boom, wasted time. Now, my library is efficient.

In case I have inspired anyone, here’s how I categorized my library:

Bookshelf1 Obviously the first category really isn’t “alphabetical”. I did cheat a bit so everything would fit on the same shelf. I’m OCD that way.  Whatever works, right?

bookshelf2So this is where I sub-categorized the Science books. I knew it would be a too broad of a category to just put all the books there, so I categorized them by topic.

Last, but not least, the remaining subjects that I didn’t really have a large quantity of. Yeah, as I was typing this I realized my books aren’t quite as “alphabetical” as I thought. But either oh well, or I’ll let it stew & I’ll fix it later.  I’m not certain at this point.

Well, despite my alphabetical fail, I hope this helps you organize you homeschool books. I’m really glad I did it.  Now, my next step is to write down all the books by subject & add them to my homeschool notebook leaving room to add more as I get them.


Happy Organizing!!





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