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A few weeks ago, Hubby was home from work due to an ear infection. Despite the swollen ear, we made sure to make the best of his time off. Now, he’s back at work with his new later-in-the-day schedule & we’re adjusting to that, slowly settling into a new routine. With Hubby gone & me with the kids until bedtime, it has created a different dynamic and I’m afraid I’ve found myself overwhelmed.

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Most of the time I’m fine. It’s just the end of the day keeps showing up so quickly and I’ve not gotten as much done as I needed. I try to complete those tasks the next day on top of that day’s chores & I manage to get way behind on everything, including meal planning which is why I didn’t post anything last week. I felt like it would be a repeat because I didn’t get to cook what & when I wanted & it wouldn’t really help anyone.

The interesting thing about the last week or two, was that I felt anxious all the time. I had tightness in my chest & was having a hard time catching my breath, but I never understood myself to be overwhelmed until God pointed it out. Then the tightness was released. I feel better now that I am aware of what was going on & I’ve been re-evaluating our routine, trying to find ways to improve it.

This new schedule has affected every area of homemaking possible: morning bible reading, homeschooling, daily/weekly chores, cooking supper, & bed times. At this moment, I’m thanking God nothing is broken or on it’s last leg. I’m not sure I could handle it though you never know what could be coming around the corner and what test will come with it.

You can probably look forward to posts of the organizing kind as I attempt to make things more efficient in our day to day life. Printables anyone?

What’s been going on in your life? Do you need prayer? Anything I can help with?

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