Photo Session of the Easter Kind with Kristie Stone Photography

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Several Saturdays ago, I took the kids to do their Easter photo shoot for A Big Deal Consignment.  I was late as always, the kids hadn’t really had breakfast, Dakota wasn’t available for any assistance, & I was a just rushing around trying to get stuff done.  I had a whole day of activities and the photo shoot was just the start of it.  We arrived and I had an entire trunk to unload: outfits, props, toys for distractions, oh yeah, and my breakfast of water…

Despite the insanity of things going on in my head, getting to the studio & talking to Kristie was calming.  She worked with me to keep the kids corralled while I got their clothes changed.  She has a happy demeanor and you just don’t want to bring negativity to that which helped me to evaluate myself to keep me in the here and now so I could stay focused on the task at hand.  We managed to get the kids to be absolutely adorable (as per usual).

kissy-kissy 🙂

To Evelyn, all of this was a first.  She didn’t remember doing this last year when she was itty-bitty and so full of smiles.  She was great though and Chance took a little more persuading, but he was good too.  I loved the small hand windmill things.  Not only did that make me remember the ones I played with as a kid, but I loved watching their face discover the awesomeness.  It was a great reward/distraction.

Evelyn is so focused while Chance is hard at work trying to make the windmill spin

It also helped that it was okay that the props were played with.  It allowed the kids to be themselves and be silly while being told to “stand here”, “cheese-face”, “no don’t turn around”, “look up here” over and over again.  They had fun, but it wore me out 🙂

Oh gosh! Did I make this mess?


Speaking of wearing me out, playing peek-a-boo 50 million times.  I’m sure Evelyn thought the whole thing was a game.  We did a lot of peek-a-boo to get her to stay seated and smile.  Chance also kept getting up or moving.  He’d walk over to see his picture in the camera, then he’d laugh & say “Tants” (Chance) while pointing at himself.  Kristie was so patient through the whole thing.  She was more than accommodating to my kids’ interests and curiosities.

Peek-a-boo! Are you tired of it yet?

Overall, Kristie is the bomb as far as photography goes.  No matter the backdrops or the locations she uses, she always manages to capture the individuality of my kids and I love that.  It’s never a rigid photo with different child same prop similar position.  It really caters to the child’s personality and makes it easy for get them to be comfortable and be a kid just doing their thing.

But I’m not bragging on Kristie because she’s just that awesome, though I have done it before.  Kristie is offering 10% off of your print order.  All you have to do is schedule an appointment for one of her mini sessions and mention Cafe du Mom in the notes. Voila! Of course you’ll need to show up for the appointment too 🙂 Oh! FYI, Dakota and I are participating in her Sweetheart Mini Session this weekend.  Pictures to come! 🙂

If you want to know any more about the sweetness that is Kristie, you can check this page out!  I also encourage you to stalk her pictures like a crazy person click through her portfolio & ooh & ah. Kristie can also be found on Facebook & on Twitter.

As stated in a previous post, she is still working on The Film Project.  Basically, she has this really old, really cool camera that takes pictures on a negative & it only comes out in black & white.  Yeah, anyone remember getting pictures developed at Wal-Mart?  You put the little roll in a bag with your name on it & you’d get it back in 30 minutes or whenever you planned on picking them up.  This camera is older than that; the Twin Lens Reflex camera is from the 50’s, 60’s, & 70’s.  Here’s the details if your interested in knowing anything further.

Before you rush off to schedule an appointment, do me a favor please and like her Facebook page & follow her on Twitter.  Much appreciated!

Happy Friday!!

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